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Homeless People, Subway, Og Mandino & 1 Billion by Tom Beal

Yes, this title will all make sense in this brief video by Tom Beal. Enjoy…

Feel free to leave your comments below…to include if you caught a couple errors by me in the video (hint: one grammatical and one incomplete quote). 🙂

Make Today Great!

PS – If you don’t have the 3 books mentioned by Og Mandino yet, you can access them here: Books By Og Mandino. The three mentioned are: The Greatest Salesman in the World, The Greatest Secret in the World, and The Greatest Miracle in the World.

PPS – Be sure to follow the instructions near the end of this video as well. You’ll enjoy it, and if you’re a marketer or entrepreneur it may spark some large ideas for you on how you too could use something like this to enhance your marketing and results.

Tom Beal Memorable Moments Video Recap

Tom Beal shares his memorable moments in this brief video and explains below it how you can utilize the same simple tools he used to create this in sharing and spreading your message in 2013.

Step 1 ) Watch the video below:

Step 2) Go to Animoto, create an account, upload your photos, and music if you have any.

Step 3) If you don’t have any music, you can go to Fiverr and have them create a jingle like the one I had in my video which I had someone on Fiverr create for only $5.

Step 4) Share it.

Hope that is helpful. Make Today Great!

Tom Beal