Imagine being able to make a difference on your birthday in a big way; I’m talking a life and death type of way. How do you think that would make you feel? Well TODAY is YOUR DAY! Let’s do this!

Help me share the gift of clean water HERE, and every dollar you are able to donate is 100% matched.

Join me in making a difference TODAY on my 43rd birthday, and gain an advance feeling of how you will feel on your upcoming birthday when you rally your friends together to make a difference again.

Thank you in advance! You are a true CHAMPION!

Make Today Great!

PS – When this campaign is complete, I am going to take the time and make a VIDEO and thanking each and every one of the donors. If you don’t want to be named, you can contribute anonymously. Together let’s show the social media world how powerful we can be when we unite with a common goal to assist others.

PPS – For your upcoming birthday, consider giving the gift of water through a campaign similar to this HERE.

UPDATE: 13 days after my birthday and we’ve raised $12,969 so far and we have until the end of the year to IMPACT more lives:

Thank you to all of the current donors:

Walt Bayliss
Jeff Walker
Michael Neal
Bevan Bird
Jeff Johnson
Matt Grey Ford
Mark Evans III
Ryan C
Yanik Silver
Gus Sevilla
Pat Flanagan
Dan Nickerson
Michael Mesure
Ron Douglas
Cindy Battye
Jocelyn Jones
Daniel Giordano
Chris Moos
Tamara T
Jane Woolmore
Mike Merz Sr.
Daven Michaels
Gregory Schneider
Hameet Sethi
Martin Howley
Jason Stuber
Joe Polish
Mary Ellen Tribby
Palyn Peterson
Gina Gaudio-Graves
Austin Walsh
Ruud Kretzers
VJ Shah
Brad Lindsay
John Hinds
Josh Rosenburg
Nicola Cairncross
Uncle Sal (Harris Fellman)
Joe Player
Sara Young
Jasmine Lee
Carol Douthitt
Steve Sipress
Drew Laughlin
Jim Duffie
Dr. Steve & Joyce Vasilev
David LeRose
Richard Smith
MeiDee Lim
Tony Teegraden
Robert Mercado
Steven Greene
Sherrie Rose
Sigrid McNab
Ian Dunton
Ken Krell
Diane Walker
Ryan Allaire
Ben Mack
Jared Wische
Carolyn Lewis
Jeremy Wong
Dan Kelly
Ted Prodromou
John Abbott
Jason Hornung
John Edwards
JR Griggs
Dorothea Carney
Geo Blalock
Tony Papajohn
Ernesto Verdugo
Dorthea Jensen
Ken Lovett
Ken Maget
Christopher Gutierrez
Amin Leliveld
Michelle Parsons
and several Anonymous contributors.

My hope is that you enjoyed making a difference as much as I had having you as a part of this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!