Warning! This fear could actually prevent you from living life, if you let it.

Every soldier who goes onto the field of battle survives when already considering themselves dead. They accept that it is possible. They accept that it is there and they do it in spite of that. Why?

Belief. For a cause and a future that they may not be around to see, but they are highly desirous of it being. So they do it.

Death is an assured thing. You can’t do it wrong. The proof that you’ve done it right is that you do it.

Life and the expression of life very often can be so fraught with fear. Fear of death, fear of failure, or fear of effect, that it feels almost like death to attempt anything.

And then it gets translated into, “Oh no! I’m going to die!” The answer is, “Yes! You are going to die.”

It’s just what do you do between now and then that makes the difference.

Any success you have felt within your life, any little bit of joy, is not because you were frozen. It was because you participated.

That’s the meaning of life to feel a sense of joy everyday and feel a sense of your accomplishments and affect the world in a way that you would like to.

Don’t say, “Don’t be afraid of death.” Instead say, “Don’t be so afraid of death that you don’t live life.”

Eventually every person you know will be dead. If you’re the last person you know, you’ll eventually be one of those persons you know.

The world will go on without you. The question is, “What will you leave in the world that goes on after you?”

Has it ever occurred to you that the reason people have children is because of fear of death?

Has it ever occurred to you that the reason Christmas is what it is because of a fear of death?

Has it ever occurred to you that the reason orgasm exists is to conquer fear of death and the pain of life?

Has it ever occurred to you that people don’t struggle to prevent death? They struggle to retain life.

Has it ever occurred to you that for every ultra rich person you see, eventually they are going to die? No amount of their money prevents it. Plus, their offspring are going to fight over it like carron. Like vultures. And eventually those vultures are going to turn into old men and women and they are going to die.

It’s a cycle.

The only thing that divides death is life, joy, experience.

Don’t expect it to go away immediately; the fear of death. Start thinking about death as something that waits, but not tomorrow.

There is no pre-destined time.

The spark of life exists in all of us and it’s my belief it stays until we no longer use it.

If the spark of life is not igniting the fires of passion, we’re not using it.

If the spark of life is not getting us up in the morning and getting us going, we’re not using it.

It’s my contention that if that happens for a long enough period of time, then there’s no purpose in having a body.

The soul gets bored. The soul wants to observe it’s creations.

The person who seems to be homeless in the park wandering around looking at the birds, may be feeling an intense sense of passion about it’s life and it may live for a very long time, because it is observing creations.

If you feel those little twinges of joy, a little laughter, a smile creeping across your lips, that’s acknowledgement of those creations.

It’s only an illusion in the word creation that you think it has to be big.

The Taj Mahal is a creation. When you look at the Taj Mahal that is a creation, too. When you marvel at how the architecture could occur at that period of time, that’s a creation also.

When you look at the Mona Lisa, you don’t have to paint it to feel the same sense of awe.

A child laughing is a creation. The parent hearing that laughter is a creation. Feeling a sense of joy is a creation.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal