The 3 Day Apple Fast Simple Described

Have you ever wanted a quick way to detox your body, feel more vibrant, thoughtful, and in power of your life? The 3 day Edgar Cayce Apple Fast may be exactly what you are seeking.

Personally, I have completed this 3 day fast about a dozen times, and each time I am so thankful I chose to do so. I’ll expand upon this in the videos found below recorded on each of the 3 days. As I type this, I am nearing the evening of my last day.

Watch the videos below to see me on Day 1, 2, and 3, sharing some insights and take aways of my experience.

My hope in sharing this is that it will inspire you to observe your life to see what is serving you and what isn’t serving you in your life. If you do choose to complete these three days, I can assure you, that you too will see as I have that most of my eating is by habit, boredom, procrastination (of work I should be doing), or socially.

That epiphany alone has brought the locus of control of my choices & power back to me in a way, that I wish for you to experience and have. It can and has been a life altering experiment. Many of my friends that I’ve shared this with have thanked me for exposing this to them, and the lessons they learned from it.

Here is the URL from the Edgar Cayce website about the Apple Fast, Edgar Cayce readings on fasting and here is a helpful resource for the Edgar Cayce Apple Fast, as well.

Make Today Great!

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PPS – Below is an audio walkthrough of the 3 day apple fast you may enjoy, as well.

Another brief walk through of the 3 Day Apple Fast