If you’ve been following me over the past couple weeks, you may have noticed me using a NEW marketing tool that is assisting those using it gain massive reach throughout the world in spreading their message and value.

This new POWERFUL tool is Periscope; and is owned by Twitter. If you are following me on Twitter @tombeal, you receive a notification when I start a new LIVE Periscope session, and you (if available) can join me live and INTERACT in REAL TIME. It is super cool!

I’m sharing this with you for 2 main reasons today:

  1. I’d love to have you join me on my next LIVE Periscope training. So you can either follow me on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/tombeal and be notified there when I start one, AND/OR you can go get the Periscope app at Periscope.tv then search for me @tombeal.
  2. If YOU are someone who has a message that you’re seeking to spread, this is a tool my hope is that you will explore (sooner than later) about how to use it right away.

As with anything, you can choose to figure it out on your own or tap into some wisdom & guidance from people who have mastered what it is you are seeking to accomplish.

One of my good friends Cindy Battye has done just that. She has gone out and snagged some of the EXPERTS who have not only mastered the art of how to conduct a LIVE Periscope, but they have MONETIZED it highly, AND built HUGE lists of fans, followers, and clients in the process.

GOOD NEWS is that she has a training on it that you can access here called WPScope Traffic & Video Scope Secrets.

When you go there, she’ll not only show you how to set up your Periscope and get it running, but she has interviews with top experts like Grant Cardone, the best selling sales trainer and author of numerous books, and TOP USER of Periscope with thousands of people viewing each of his scopes.

Not very often do game changing tools & marketing channels come up, but this is ONE of them.

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or anyone who has a message you would like to get maximum exposure for, then Periscope is for you, and this training will assist you in short cutting your journey from figuring it out to maximum list building, exposure, and monetization.

Go check out WPScope and the FREE video trainings and interviews RIGHT NOW! Enjoy!

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – Here is my latest scope that I recorded this AM from the beach: Tom Beal Periscope.