Rich Schefren has a reading process that I feel is unmatched in the entire world that allows him to not only consume thousands of books, but also be able to remember and use the information contained in the books to assist himself and his clients reach incredible levels of business success and growth. Take a look for yourself:

If you want to benefit from all the thousands of books Rich Schefren has read, and all the tens of millions of dollars he has assisted his clients in earning, you can do so via his mind altering & life changing report titled The Hidden Obstacles to Your Success which he wrote (along with numerous other amazing reports) specifically for his clients of The Founders Club.

I recommend all my entrepreneurial friends to read Rich’s report if they haven’t already and not one of them has had anything other to say than something along the lines of, “This was exactly what I needed to get to that next level. Thank you for stressing the importance of me reading this.” And I recommend you go read it ASAP! You, too, can thank me afterwards.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – For real! Go read The Hidden Obstacles to Your Success, right away. Tell you what. It’s been so impactful to me that I’ll even spice it up more for you so it can be as impactful for you. I’ve re-read this report numerous times to the point where recently I actually dictated it into my iPod shuffle so I could listen to it during my travels and down time. When you get your copy FROM THIS LINK: The Hidden Obstacles to Your Success by Rich Schefren, then contact me here at this blog (either in a comment or the contact me area) that you have done so, I will 1) Verify that you have and 2) Get you access to my audio reading of this report so you can listen to it on your iPod, iPad, iPhone, computer or wherever. Please note: These recordings are NOT professional quality. I did record them in quiet settings but do stumble and stammer a couple times in the 3 plus hour of reading it, and it’s not in a professional mic, but is clear.

Now go get that report & take advantage of my free gift to you for doing so at: The Hidden Obstacles to Your Success

UPDATE: DO NOT MISS THIS NEW ONLINE TRAINING BY RICH From Frustration To Freedom: The Exact Steps That Take The Mystery Out Of Succeeding Online