NOTE: This was recorded from my iPhone in the audience and is NOT professional quality. You will hear me and the person next to me at times. It is listenable and IT WILL transform your business results and REFRAME your MIND

Mitch Axelrod, thank you for allowing me to share this with my key contacts to better love & serve them. 🙂

 ********Grab your pad and pen and let’s begin**********

Introduced by a video from Brian Tracy from 20 years ago. 

Sign above desk, “I only work with people who I can hug.”

Beautiful blonde comes up to him on stage prior to starting. “What made you come back?” I want more of you. That became the standard I judge all relationships. 

Do people want more of you, or no more of you?

As a Waiter recognized that, “People reward me with money when I serve them.”

My life’s work comes down to this, “I love and serve people, and they reward me with money.”

“The Power of Distinctions”

Consciousness – make the unconscious conscious. Make the invisible visible, make the intangible tangible. 

Iceberg called your life. 90% left untapped. Only 10% above water.

What could I turn from invisible to visible. From intangible to tangible. 

We can’t see our biggest assets right in front of us. 

NOTE: 9 mins in Mitch mentioned Jay Conrad Levinson, because his widow was in the audience.

Goal was to be a speaker. 

My role had to serve my goal. Had to do the things that got me to the speaker position. 

My soul was telling me to stop touring and raise my son. 

Conflict: What do I do? Do i serve the goal, or serve my soul?

Turning point. Recognized something new. 

Mind dominated, goal oriented culture. 

Couldn’t be on the road 100 days per year and raise his son. 

Friend speakers told him he was crazy. He CAN’T be a speaker and not be on the road raising his child. They said,“If you get off the road to raise your son for 10 years, no one will remember you.”

Mitch, “But if I don’t go home, my son won’t remember me.”

Stayed home and got off the road. Changed Mitch’s life following his soul.

1st do your soul setting “Go be with your son.”

2nd role setting. What’s my new role?

3rd goal setting

Entire success model of world is upside down. Measurement of success isn’t on your soul it’s on money.

If you lead with goal, role must be obedient servant to the goal, and if any time then the soul.

Set the soul setting, then role setting, then goal setting. 

If you’re feeling resistance or conflict, you may want to look at this new way.

“What do you do?” On napkin, he showed a model, then asked to speak at Harvard. “We need this at our evolving leadership conference.”

“No one will be speaking about the soul of leadership.” at this Harvard event. We need this!

You can have fabulous success with this soul 1st process.

Reverse is not possible. No goal big enough that can fill a hole in your soul.

17 mins Soul is all about LOVE.

Great! Let’s talk about profit (cause that’s what most people focus on and want)


Love + Serve = People reward you with money

Would you like to be loved and served? YES! All want it. It gives you power to love and serve others. 

In the game for the loving & the serving. 

Am going to leave a piece of my soul with everyone I meet. 

To touch the soul of another human being is like walking on Holy ground.

How do your soul, role and goal look? Conflict or in alignment?

How long can you go being completely disconnected. Everything effects everything. 

Goal frustration is distance between where you are and where you want to be. 

Role frustration – would you do something different if you could? Are you doing what you value? And value what you do?

7 deadly sins of self abuse:

should, ought, must, need, gotta, have to, supposed to

No choice with those words

Do you have rules? Do you love structure?

How many can’t stand rules?

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

When given the choice between rules, policy, procedures, and protocol, LOVE & SERVE your clients. It’s simple but not easy with red tape. Just do it!

Customers do not care about your rules, policies, or procedures, they just want to be LOVED & SERVED.

Belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses. Belief is an idea that possesses the mind.

What belief do you have now that is possessing your mind?

Write down ALL of your beliefs and ask do I possess this belief or does this belief possess me?

We all are addicted to something. 

He moved to CA and got rid of all his clutter and possessions. Lost 15lbs and 2 inches, was about to write the Clutter Free Diet, but didn’t.

Be aware of the beliefs I have that are possessing me. 

Ask yourself, “When giving the choice to follow my own rules, policies or expectations, or LOVE & SERVE my self, I will choose to LOVE & SERVE MYSELF.”

Does that possess me or do I possess that belief.

Time zones. Talking to them in PRESENT but people we speak with are in the PAST or FUTURE and NOT the present. 

Stop being in conversations when people are not in PRESENT moment. 

When I recognize they’re not here ask them, “Can you tell me where your head is now?”

If you can’t let go of the past or let go of the future and come to the now, let’s disengage and return when you can be in the present.

“Can you be present in this conversation?” If no, disengage. Stop wasting your most precious asset. 

Stimulus response model. How to stop reacting for the rest of your life. If you are reacting from the past you are not present. Fight, flight, or freeze (game over). Can’t talk with someone in that mode.

If you want to change someones response, change the stimulus.

Copy, scripting, language, etc. You are the stimulus. Change up your stimulus or expect the same response.

Ever react from the past (knee jerk)? Decision gap. Count 1 Mississippi, 2M, 3M, then respond.

If you don’t like to be sold to, (no business succeeds without sales) that will effect dramatically how you sell to others. You Sell Like You Buy! Observe how you sell.

Control the decision gap between stimulus and response. (count to 3 Mississippi before replying if emotions are risen) Breathe, take times to settle. RESPOND versus react.

38:30 NEVER discount your offers. (solution coming) 

Are you a JOCKEY or are you a HORSE?

What makes you such a great jockey, Willie? The best jockeys are not necessarily the best jockeys, they ride the best horses!!! 

If you’re the horse you’re the product manufacturer. If you’re a horse you need jockeys. 

If you’re a jockey, you need a great horse. 

Are you better as the rider or better as the ride.

Which of the 4 Horsemen are you? If you don’t know it causes a lot of discomfort.

  1. ENTREPRENEUR – from French it means, to undertake. What % are successful entrepreneurs? Less than 1%. Word is misused. Start a biz, build a team, go start another business. Baseball players get into the Hall of Fame if they FAIL 7 out of 10 times. Could you start 10 businesses and have only 2 succeed and be happy and fulfilled? It’s for some, but not all.
  2. BUSINESS OWNER – builds a business narrow and deep and builds roots. Used to be brick and mortar. Every entrepreneur needs a business owner. 
  3. PRACTITIONER – the artist. Art is in the practice of what you do. Love the art of the work. Happy as a practitioner and lousy as a business owner. E-myth. When you stop loving the game, find a new game to play that you love.
  4. FREE AGENT – will do anything NOT TO HAVE A JOB. Psychologically Unemployable and proud of it.

Which one are you? Which one are you trying to be but are not succeeding due to a mismatch?

Baseball analogy. Everyone has A position. You play the position you are GOOD AT! You don’t have a pitcher play catcher. 

Do you possess your business or does your business possess you? 

“I LOVE THE ART OF THE GAME.” Has a biz partner to handle the biz parts that he hates. 

There is no such thing as failure. You SUCCEED or LEARN!

Perfectionists think anything not perfect feels like a failure. 

Teachers shared that quote all throughout the school. Soul work!

Take imperfect action. Imperfect action beats perfect inaction EVERY SINGLE TIME!

2 things I learned from my parents (who always showed up):

  1. 80% of success is SHOWING UP!
  2. When you show up, BE THERE!

If you show up and be there, amazing things happen!

Let’s talk about MONEY now. Almost a decade to learn this.

Are you worth more? You know you can earn more? 

5 ways to price yourself: (approx 57 mins into audio)

  1. COST – in manufacturing or commodity market. Cost plus a % model.
  2. HOURS or TIME – pet peeve of this mantra, “Don’t trade time for money.” Would you trade 6 mins for $10k? Of course! “Have a check for $10k if I can get an answer to this big problem.” On phone, he explains the problem. Would you like me to take as long as possible to give you the answer or as quick as possible? He said the shorter the better. I happened to see what the problem was, and I got a check for $10k. EVENTUALLY NEVER COMES!  Everyone trades time for money. Trade time for maximum money NOW! There is no future. We only have NOW. 
  3. PROJECT – like a general contractor on a house. Can make a lot of money. Figure out costs, time, and add a profit. If you misplace it, you go upside down. You must have something in project for overages. 
  4. VALUE PRICING – with exec selling a training program. In Mitch’s mind he estimated it would be a $25k project. Mitch we have about $100k for this project in budget. How much of that would you like to set aside for me? He said $70k. LET THEM PRICE YOU BEFORE THEY PRICE YOU. YOU may be far more valuable to someone than you think you are. Unless & until you ask, you will under charge. Never ever quote a fee until you know the value you are to them. DO NOT DO PROPOSALS. Under one condition, you do it with me so it gets accepted. How much work are you willing to do with me to ensure it gets chosen as one that is bid. Gets rid of the free loaders. Another corp exec from insurance company: want to hire you to come in and speak. Who should we have come in. Fee was only $7k, but they wanted to pay him for sole attention for next 30 days at $20k.
  5. EXPERIENCE – Have you ever paid WAY more just for the experience? 2-3x for a concert ticket? The experience of YOU! 

Info products are old. Intellectual Property is NEW GAME. Always license Intellectual material, don’t sell it.

DON’T try to convert the heathens. Find the TRUE BELIEVERS.

Put yourself in the path of people who are searching for what you have and are ready to buy it now.

How can you begin pricing TOP DOWN? Can price for all top 3 down. Can get paid for the project, get an equity kicker, then a success fee. Everything has a success fee. That way we’re in the game together. 

“Big doors swing on little hinges.” W. Clement Stone

1hr20 mins McDonald’s Big Mac commercial playing

$1 per person above hard cost

$5k for cassette and he’ll pay for production

I’m not a speaker, I’m in the I.P. business. 

STOP selling what we have and not what they want.

Sell them what they want!!!

Started to license, not sell my stuff. 

“What do you want to do with it?” 

Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins fees were $2M in 5 years

I’ll make you a deal. You record it, I license it to you for $250k

What’s the catch, 6 mos from now you write an endorsement to you competitors

Then another $250k to train their people

I’m not buying your huge training, “I want this this this this and this.”

Priced it way high so he wouldn’t want it, he took it. 

Burger King commercial, “Have it your way!” 1hr 42mins

Are you giving your products and services your way or their way?

Unbundle your product, disassemble it. More value than all bulked together. 

“What do you want to do with it?” 

They loved chapter 8. Really, would you like it? What do you mean? Would you like Chapter 8? Would you pay me $1 per person? $25k for one chapter of a book.

One chapter in your book may be worth more than entire book, cause you don’t see what the value is for clients? 

Most valuable real estate in the world are cemeteries. The 6 inches between your ears.

People want what you know, not what you do. Would you like to get paid just for what you know? 

Stop thinking in form and value the wisdom you have. 

Power of clarity of who you are and what you want to do, where it is you’re going.

Continue the relationship with Mitch:

  1. New Game of Intellectual Property (how to do deals), get into membership, get all live event recordings. If you have info products on the shelf, if you have value to provide, this is KEY 
  2. New Game of Selling. 55 modules. If you don’t like selling this is the program for you. 
  3. Do both. 30 minute consult as well. Magical things will happen.

We stumble over the truth from time to time, but most of us stumble of as nothing happened. Winston Churchill


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