After gaining access to Eben Pagan’s Guru Home Study Course I was contemplating whether or not to use my inkjet printer to print out the three transcribed reference manuals that were a couple hundred pages each or find another option.

Then I asked myself what the other options were for me and I came up with two which both involved me saving the three PDF files to a USB jump drive and going to a print shop at either Staples or Fedex Kinko’s which are both right around the corner from me. 

Neither of those options sounded fun for me because I would most likely stand there or walk around while approximately 600 sheets of paper were printed, plus it would mean I would have to walk away from my desk and other work I could be doing.

Then it hit me. I bet Kinko’s has some type of online solution. Let me go check it out.
Quickly I was at Fedex Office Print Online and was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was to upload the PDF files and then select them to be printed in black and white, 3-hole punched and inserted into 3-ring binders. 

Within minutes the process was completed, I paid for the service (which was approx $25 per 3 ring binder with just shy of 200 sheets each) and they said it would be ready for pickup at the Fedex Kinko’s by 11:00 am the following day.

Awesome! I felt good, and I remained productive for the remainder of the day.

To my pleasant surprise I received an email only a couple hours later saying my print job was completed and ready for me to pick it up. When I had a free moment I swung out there and picked up the box containing my three binders. 

See for yourself here:

So, if you are ever in the need of a large print job I give a huge thumbs up to Fedex Kinko’s online service. It definitely saved me a large amount of time and hassle and funny enough probably saved me some money when all is said and done with the cost of the toner had I printed it myself on my little office printer. 

Oh, and I almost forgot. If you don’t live near a Kinko’s or you just don’t have the time to go and pick your job up, you can also add delivery to your doorstep as an option in their online process, along with pretty much any other option you could do at a print shop (binding, tabs, color inserts, etc).
I will be using this helpful service again in the future for sure and I hope it saves you some time, money, and hassle as well.

Make Today Great!

Tom Beal 

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