Below is a story of how prolific in value creation I was last week that I chose to, upon request, put all that I created into one spot that was easy to locate, so here it is…

Just got back from touring Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach, FL on my new to me 50cc scooter with my girlfriend.

Good news is we made it home JUST prior to a Florida style DOWNPOUR of rain. Perfect timing! 🙂

When I jumped on email, I answered several requests from friends like you, who receive my emails, for the URL for this and the URL for that, since I have sent you so many valuable messages this past week.

That made me think, “Hmm! Why don’t I just put a list of the valuable resources out in an email so it can all be in one place?” And here it it.

1) Yesterday, I shared a 9/11 Tribute prayer that I wrote with tears streaming down my face as I reflected on the lives lost and family members left behind and it is here:

BONUS: As a comment I also posted a conversation that I had with one of my hero’s face to face, Zig Ziglar in October of 2001, in Greensboro, NC, which got me back on the proper track here:

2) Today, I shared a challenge to push you out of your comfort zone. WARNING: this with either: a) Offend You, or b) Inspire The Best Version of You that you have been hiding away to be released to the world. That is at: (comment letting me know if you accept, agree, or disagree)

3) An Audio Recording PLUS My Highly Detailed Notes of one of the most impactful, mind blowing presentations I have EVER had the privilege of witnessing, studying & implementing, AND my wish is this will be as POWERFUL and IMPACTFUL for YOU as it was for me and all else who saw it LIVE and has studied the recording and notes:

4) A LIVE interactive video with people from all over the globe (Netherlands, Denmark, US: Georgia, San Diego, Miami, and more) we touch on subjects related to: preparation, confidence, being in the flow, the power of your mind in determining your reality, only 3 things you can control in this world (which by default controls a 4th), the secret question to ask yourself when someone is pushing your button to ensure you don’t say or do things you may regret later, and more. VERY POWERFUL video at:

5) 10 Steps to Make Today Great Podcast, that awoke me at 5:30am to get out of bed and draft for you (which I fought tooth and nail to pass but couldn’t), then audio recorded it for you as well at:

(Subscribe via iTunes at: to listen in your Podcast app, as they are released. Over 270 episodes there now.)

6) Recap of my recent LIFE changing 3 Day Apple Fast which has totally transformed my mind, body, actions and results, PLUS how I went from 196 to 168 in 60 days at:

7) You’ll note that a few of the value shared above this past week was created as I conducted LIVE interactive video streams from my iPhone using a new & powerful platform (owned by Twitter) called Periscope.

a) I’d love to have you join me for my next Scopes coming up. To do that, you can get the app at then search for me, Tom Beal and follow me. It will notify you on your phone when I go live. OR you can follow me at (@tombeal) It will tweet a LIVE URL when my Scope goes live and you can join me on your smart phone or your computer by clicking on that Twitter link.

b) IF you are an entrepreneur or have a message you are seeking more reach, this new platform is AMAZINGLY HOT and working WONDERS for me and others who are using it. That said, there is a tool that puts Periscope to use to explode your traffic and content creation. I’d recommend checking it out at:

Wow! What a week! That my friend is embracing and being what I have termed and teach as Prolific Value Creation.

My hope is each of these, or at least one of these has impacted you in a positive manner.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – Feel free to share these as you see fit with others who could benefit. Also, be sure to post your comment(s) and feedback at each of these blog posts with your biggest take aways, or aha moments.

Oh yeah, almost forgot this….

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