1) Learn via GoToWebinar meetings prior to this live event the STEP BY STEP system John has used to produce over $750,000 in sales in the past 3 months alone. These are strategies he has NOT even shared with the big named gurus who have reached out to him begging and pleading to learn these powerful steps that make ALL the difference. You’ll be able to apply this to any marketing audience you have.

2) While there, we WILL NOT be in classrooms or staring at computer screens. We will be hanging out at the pool, tiki bars, beaches, breaking bread, and having conversations directly related to strategies, systems, and processes to take your business and results to new heights.

3) We will be discussing and training on topics such as: list building, advertising, joint venture partnerships, product creation, product launches, lifestyle, mindset, daily & weekly routines, and topics to assist you in overcoming any of the obstacles you’re currently facing, as well as strategies to propel your results to new heights…to include specific time spent directly focusing on your business and unique challenges, obstacles, and goals; all in a relaxed atmosphere and environment.

4) In addition to the GoToWebinar advertising trainings, you will also receive a personal consultation with John & Tom prior to the event, and one following the event.

Simply complete this brief form below, and John and/or Tom will be reaching out to you to see if this is the right fit for you…