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Success Simplified by Tom Beal

I Can Only Imagine (movie takeaways for Father’s Day)

The Power of Live Events & Surrounding Yourself With Amazing People

Click the play button above to watch and listen as I discuss some key takeaways from a recent live event conducted by myself and The Internet Marketing Power Couple, Omar & Melinda Martin, in Orlando, FL, called CommExpo (Commission Expo).

You’ll see some fun pics and cameos from Internet Rockstars like Igor Kheifets, Joel Therien, Mike Potvin, John Cornetta, Paul Counts, Todd Gross, Simon Harries, John Thornhill, Dave Nicholson, and the CEO of JVZoo, Laura Casselman.

If you ever get a chance to attend an upcoming live event, DO IT! They have changed my life, as they have for many others as well.

In the meantime, be sure to Register NOW Here for the upcoming training being hosted by Omar & Melinda that will share with you their time tested strategies and systems that have produced incredible results for themselves and many of their clients.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

17 Days With No Food? Yes, that just happened…

May 23, 2018, 9:32 a.m.
My Office, Boca Raton, Florida

Usually I do a 3-day apple fast every time I am seeking to level up my clarity, actions, and results. This time I told Wanda that I was going to go a few days without any food, which one day after the next led to 17 days of no food.

My question to you is, “What questions do you have for me?”

Simply comment below with any questions you’d like me to answer (either here as a reply to your question and/or in an upcoming live training).

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – If you haven’t done so already, I do share quite a few of my insights about fasting at 3 Day Apple Fast.

Expect To Get Kicked In The Balls (Daily, Repetitively, & Harder Each Time)

May 23, 2018, 5:48 AM EST (pre-sunrise)
South Beach, Boca Raton, Florida

Join me from the beach this beautiful morning and learn how this philosophy can free you from adversity, obstacles, challenges, change, and chaos pushing you off track time and time again.

As you will see, this is my expanded epiphany after discussing the expected chaos, challenges, and obstacles that occurs regularly with me and my millionaire clients, that I learned while in the Marine Corps which is, “Expect to get cut!” when a knife is pulled out. That way you don’t flinch or lose your focus when you do get cut, due to that one second of distraction could very well cause your life to end.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – Let’s have some fun (for the brave “martial arts masters” who can withstand massive blows to the groin; like the video below); which may be inspirational for those who are recovering from a painful shot to the nuts right now, and possibly healing for you to share how you overcame that devastating blow.

PPS – Our goal as entrepreneurs is to be like Kirby (who took that amazingly powerful kick and heart rate didn’t budge) when challenges come our way, and remain calm, cool, collected, and in control, versus being curled up in a ball crying for mama…or retaliating in a knee jerk, fight or flight, emotionally induced response (which is equally a waste of time, and in many cases exacerbates & expands problems).

When was your most recent, or the most powerful “kick to the balls” you’ve received by life, and how did you pick yourself back up and continue to press on? (comment below)

How to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – Leave your comments below. I see all and personally reply to most all.



How To Stay Sane, Happy & Focused In Today’s Chaotic World!

Felt called to share this video, 100% in the flow. My hope is that you gain a tip or insight that may be helpful for you.

Comment below to let me know which part resonated with you most.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

My Notes from Russell Brunson’s How To Create A Mass Movement Of People Who Will Pay For Your Advice

Russell Brunson’s brand new book titled “Expert Secrets” has just been released and marketers around the globe are anxiously awaiting it’s arrival to their doorstep, including me. You see, Russell is giving this in demand book FOR FREE (you just pay a small S&H fee), and you can go get your complimentary copy HERE NOW (while supplies last).

Once you get your FREE COPY of Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets HERE, you’ll notice that he gives an unadvertised bonus of his presentation from his Funnel Hacking Live Event (that 1,000’s travel to & pay good money to attend) called “How To Create A Mass Movement Of People Who Will Pay For Your Advice.”

Not only did I watch it, but I took some notes on what Russell shared, and I want to give you access to my notes below.

Step 1: Go grab your copy of Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets for FREE here RIGHT NOW, and when you’re done reserving your complimentary copy you can also watch this powerful presentation.

Step 2: Follow along with my notes below as you watch this profit producing video.

Step 3: Post your comments below of what your biggest take-aways were from this training.

Here are my notes. Enjoy…

Mark Joyner was his 1st mentor back in the day. Talked about Adsense sites/pages, that were the “flash in the pan” thing to do back then. Mark said, “Build an audience that is what will last, not this flash in the pan.” Adsense was making $100k per month then it was gone and many never recovered.

Talks about all his failures. His audience pulled him through all of the downtimes and “failures.”

Mass Movement is the key to have huge success. PEOPLE!

What do most mass movements have? Religious, cult leaders, etc.

3 things in each of them that was there regardless of it was the worst of worst movements or the best of best movements, and everything in between…

Once you recognize the pattern you can replicate it.

  1. Sometime of charismatic leader
  2. Cause that was a future based cause
  3. Everyone of the leaders provided the followers a new opportunity or vehicle of change

A. Charismatic leader / attractive character. 1,000 true fans article from 2008. Read it! 

A creator (anyone producing works of art) only needs to acquire 1,000 true fans to make a living. They’ll buy all you produce, drive to come see you, come to openings, can’t wait until your next issue.

I only need 1,000 true fans to become free! That’s the tipping point.

Growth -> Contribution, Student -> Expert.

For me to grow further I must share my message. Open up and share it with other people. It becomes a mission!

“I’m scared of being that person.” And/or “That’s the best thing ever.”

“No matter what you try it will suck, as you keep doing it you’ll suck less, then you’ll be good. Surrender to the fact that you’ll suck!” Garrett White

You won’t be good at 1st. Do it! And you’ll get better. You’ll find your voice. You’ll get more comfortable. You become who you need to be.

Become vulnerable. Let people into your world.

  1. Live the life your audience wishes they could live. This is the lifestyle this has afforded me. They want to become like me. He/she inspires me. “I want to be like him/her!” Here’s what’s waiting for you if you just take that step.
  2. Maintain absolute certainty. Self confidence is for kids. If you’re going to be a leader you must have absolute certainty. The one with the most certainty wins!
  3. You cannot break the cardinal rule and be boring. You must NOT be boring. You must be excited about what you’re talking about. Even if you’re not exciting in real life, don’t be boring on camera and to your audience. You must be excited for anyone else to be.
  4. Prolific zone/index. Mainstream is in the middle, it’s school, and no one will give you any money for that stuff. Must be to the left or right of that you’re in the crazy zone. You’ll get some people but not a lot. “Eat the sun” documentary. Falls into the crazy zone. Get a few, but it’s crazy. Sweet spot is in the middle, in the Prolific Zone. Not crazy and not school knowledge. Try all sorts of messages over here and over here. Test and keep going, then one will take off.
  5. You must care A LOT! People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. They feel it!
  6. Create your own market! Don’t go pick a niche. Go create your very own market. Health, Wealth, and Relationships were the 3 original niches. You must move from Red Ocean to Blue Ocean. (Book) Those 3 broke into many sub-markets. Where do I fit in this ecosystem? What can I create that is unique and becomes my own sub-market? Where can I become Blue ocean and be the only one doing what I do? It’s my thing!

B. Creating the cause. All movements have a future based cause. Something cool will be happening in the future and that’s why you should be falling me? Who are members of the “crossfit cult?” Funny college humor video about crossfit people at an office.

Create your own CULT-ure of people who will listen to us, follow us, and become part of our movement. It’s a cult, I mean way of life. 🙂

  1. People will put their hope and faith into your movement. Campaign slogans of recent presidential election, and all past ones. George Bush – A Proud Tradition vs Bill Clinton – It’s Time to Change America, John McCain – Country First!, vs Obama – Change!. Winners were in the future. C’mon with me! Hillary – Fighting for us, I’m with her vs Trump – Make America Great Again! Change won most of the time. People want change, a bright future. CF event, “You’re just one funnel away…” Gary Halbert, “You’re just one sales letter away from being rich.” …from firing your boss, from saving your family, from being free, etc. 3 times Russell almost went bankrupt, and each time it was 1 funnel that saved it all. Pretend like you’re the President running for a mass movement. Why should people follow you? What’s your campaign slogan?
  2. Help your audience break their 4 minute mile. To accomplish the impossible. If he can do it, I can do it. 8/17/04, day Russell’s 4 minute mile was broken. HIs goal was $1,000/month to change his life. Was at a family reunion at Bear Lake with no internet access. Went to library for Internet, waited in line, “We did it!” Email from John Reese. Launched Traffic Secrets and at 18 hours we sold 1000 copies at $1000. Made $1 million in 1 day. It became possible and real for many. 4 minute mile was now possible! As soon as he did it, I thought, “I can do that!” ClickFunnels has over 50 people (almost 100) who have made $1 million or more with 1 funnel. Get the 2 comma club award to put on your wall. Goal is to have your wall lined with the 2 comma club awards. One after another million dollar plus funnel.
  3. Your audience, tribe, and people must self identify with who they are. Shirts, hats, swag, etc. Bribed people to use the software. Watch this training then you get the t-shirt. Churn dropped in half. Thousands of shirts per week. Gets expensive, but the stick rate makes it worthwhile. “Joined a year ago and have never used it but I still am a part and pay because you shipped me a shirt. I am a Funnel Hacker.” It’s part of their identity now. “I am a Funnel Hacker.” “I build funnels” Get them to self identify with their movement. “Life is Good!” Have t-shirts for your audience.
  4. The Title of Liberty. The Book of Mormon, Captain went into a war they weren’t supposed to win. His people started leaving. Stood up in front of his people like Braveheart. In memory of our God, lives, freedom, written on his coat. This is why we’re doing this. They came together and won. A manifesto people can rally behind. After watching Fixer Upper, had the idea of I wand a reality show. Russell’s doing it! Jumped in, and filmed 8 episodes. 1st one being released soon. Identify the charismatic leader, identify the movement, US vs THEM, 1. Take a stand, 2. Why you’re different, 3. Who you are collectively fighting against, THEN who YOU are (as the follower). “Fighting against the big brands.” “We are FunnelHackers and these are our stories.”

C. The New Opportunity / The Vehicle of Change. Most sell an improvement offer: better, faster, smarter, etc. Must have to admit I’m dumb, I’m slow, I’m not good. Instead present with a new opportunity. No mass movement leader doesn’t teach people to be better, it is a new opportunity.

  1. Improvement is HARD! So much pain tied to it.
  2. Desire versus ambition. 99% of world is NOT ambitious. New Opp plays on desire. Who do you want to become? A whole new life, is the key!
  3. Memories of poor past decisions and failures. No, here’s a whole NEW opportunity. Just sell the desire and future.
  4. Commodity pricing (race to the cheapest to compete). Blue ocean of just you, can charge anything you want. There’s a huge strategic advantage of being the most expensive. Presidential campaigns Lost: improve. Won: change, new opps. Reason why they buy or don’t is tied to “STATUS!” If I purchased this thing will it increase or decrease my status? How do I create an offer that is so amazing that they cannot fail & increases their status, with a money back guarantee?

Reasons why people crave new opportunities:

  1. New discovery.
  2. No pain of disconnect
  3. Dream replacement
  4. Greener pastures

(Just passed 32,000 active CF members, 500/day)

Opportunity switch or opportunity stack.

Switch: Sitting in a vehicle/car. That vehicle/car is no good. We’re going to switch you to this other vehicle/car. Been trying this. Now you’re going to try this.

Stack: the marketing steps from low to high.

Want 1 opportunity switch for your business, then stack (go deep/high). Switch: Expert Secrets. Stack: ClickFunnels, FunnelScripts, Fill Your Funnel, CF Certification

DO NOT keep switching and switching opportunities. If you keep switching from thing to thing people won’t believe you.

Who are you going to become? What’s your message?

What’s your cause? Why should people care? What is my movement? Why should they be inspired to follow you?

What is the new opportunity you’re presenting people? How do I make this unique to me?

My hope is that not only were these notes of mine super helpful for you, and you go implement based upon your Aha moments, but that Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets shares insights and action steps you take that transform your business and your results.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – Be sure to go get your FREE BOOK now, and leave your comments below.

Fear of Death: Don’t Let This Fear Steal Your Life

Warning! This fear could actually prevent you from living life, if you let it.

Every soldier who goes onto the field of battle survives when already considering themselves dead. They accept that it is possible. They accept that it is there and they do it in spite of that. Why?

Belief. For a cause and a future that they may not be around to see, but they are highly desirous of it being. So they do it.

Death is an assured thing. You can’t do it wrong. The proof that you’ve done it right is that you do it.

Life and the expression of life very often can be so fraught with fear. Fear of death, fear of failure, or fear of effect, that it feels almost like death to attempt anything.

And then it gets translated into, “Oh no! I’m going to die!” The answer is, “Yes! You are going to die.”

It’s just what do you do between now and then that makes the difference.

Any success you have felt within your life, any little bit of joy, is not because you were frozen. It was because you participated.

That’s the meaning of life to feel a sense of joy everyday and feel a sense of your accomplishments and affect the world in a way that you would like to.

Don’t say, “Don’t be afraid of death.” Instead say, “Don’t be so afraid of death that you don’t live life.”

Eventually every person you know will be dead. If you’re the last person you know, you’ll eventually be one of those persons you know.

The world will go on without you. The question is, “What will you leave in the world that goes on after you?”

Has it ever occurred to you that the reason people have children is because of fear of death?

Has it ever occurred to you that the reason Christmas is what it is because of a fear of death?

Has it ever occurred to you that the reason orgasm exists is to conquer fear of death and the pain of life?

Has it ever occurred to you that people don’t struggle to prevent death? They struggle to retain life.

Has it ever occurred to you that for every ultra rich person you see, eventually they are going to die? No amount of their money prevents it. Plus, their offspring are going to fight over it like carron. Like vultures. And eventually those vultures are going to turn into old men and women and they are going to die.

It’s a cycle.

The only thing that divides death is life, joy, experience.

Don’t expect it to go away immediately; the fear of death. Start thinking about death as something that waits, but not tomorrow.

There is no pre-destined time.

The spark of life exists in all of us and it’s my belief it stays until we no longer use it.

If the spark of life is not igniting the fires of passion, we’re not using it.

If the spark of life is not getting us up in the morning and getting us going, we’re not using it.

It’s my contention that if that happens for a long enough period of time, then there’s no purpose in having a body.

The soul gets bored. The soul wants to observe it’s creations.

The person who seems to be homeless in the park wandering around looking at the birds, may be feeling an intense sense of passion about it’s life and it may live for a very long time, because it is observing creations.

If you feel those little twinges of joy, a little laughter, a smile creeping across your lips, that’s acknowledgement of those creations.

It’s only an illusion in the word creation that you think it has to be big.

The Taj Mahal is a creation. When you look at the Taj Mahal that is a creation, too. When you marvel at how the architecture could occur at that period of time, that’s a creation also.

When you look at the Mona Lisa, you don’t have to paint it to feel the same sense of awe.

A child laughing is a creation. The parent hearing that laughter is a creation. Feeling a sense of joy is a creation.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

One Simple Step To Never Miss An Important Email

Have you ever had that very important email slip through the cracks and go unnoticed in your Inbox; hopefully not losing a deal or a friendship?

What if I were to share with you one super simple step you can take to ensure that you never miss an email from an important person in your life; personally or professionally?

Good news! There is one simple step you will learn about today here, implement in less than a minute, and ensure that email from the important person in your life (personally or professionally) never ends up missed in the “email Inbox black hole” again.

It’s through a free service called IFTTT which stands for “If this then that.” By following  & creating THIS ‘Recipe’ you will receive a text message for each of the important emails you receive from your important people.

Text me when I get an email from a certain person” is recipe 260694 through IFTTT, and has been extremely helpful for me and thousands of others. NOTE: it is for Gmail Inbox emails received.

Go check it out now, input my email address tom at, and your cell phone number, plus repeat that process for all other important people (personally & professionally) in your life and you will never miss an email from them again.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – Reply below with your feedback from this IFTTT recipe, PLUS feel free to share your favorite productivity tip, secret, strategy or hack.