As President of Strategic Profits for Rich Schefren, and previously working side by side with Mike Filsaime from 2006 through 2010, Tom Beal has assisted in producing over $20 million in online sales. Many people ask me how they can begin producing results online as an information marketer.

In my opinion, online success can be summarized by the amount of value you provide your target market in combination with proper qualified traffic, maximized conversions, plus massive persistent & consistent action. Will touch on each of those components more in upcoming blog posts.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite tools and powerful resources that I use and recommend:

Step 1: You’ll Need a Domain Name

Namecheap => We buy all of our domains here after learning our lesson the hard way when GoDaddy shut a couple of our sites down (due to a couple shady affiliates)

Step 2: You’ll Need a Web Host

Web Hosting => We and numerous top Internet Marketers use Kiosk (GoGVO) for our web hosting and much more. Once again this is a lesson we learned the hard way as well. Without a web host that understands Internet Marketing it is simple to get your sites locked down.

Step 3: You’ll Need an Auto Responder

Aweber => Simple, effective, and the most preferred Autoresponer system by many top Internet Marketers.

Step 4: You’ll Need a Website / Squeeze Page (few recommendations here)

a) Lead Generator => The easiest tool I’ve ever seen to get a squeeze page up and running super fast. Check out the video to learn more. (Used this tool for many sites to include:

b) Weebly => Create a Free Website Now. Fast, free, simple & easy. (Used this tool to build

c) SiteBuildIt => This is a strong system that I used to build my 1st site years ago while learning a great deal from their material.

Step 5: You’ll Need a Blog (Your home base)

WordPress is the top choice and my new favorite theme is Thesis. Am really enjoying it’s capabilities and is what I use at this blog and others.

Step 6: You’ll Need a Competent Outsource Team

This Top Quality & Competent Outsource Team is the choice of many top marketers and it is in your best interest to get as many tasks as possible to them ASAP.

Will Post More Resources Soon!

Remember this quote while building your online presence and results:

“You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going!” – Mike Litman

Don’t wait! Get started TODAY!

Make Today Great!

Tom Beal

FULL DISCLOSURE: The URL’s listed above are tagged to me as my personal affiliate links and I will be compensated if you choose to purchase any of the recommended services through my links. Note: I only promote affiliate links of products or services that provide great value and have my seal of approval. Plus, I still personally use each and every one of the services listed and recommended above.