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Success Simplified by Tom Beal

I Can Only Imagine (movie takeaways for Father’s Day)

Expect To Get Kicked In The Balls (Daily, Repetitively, & Harder Each Time)

May 23, 2018, 5:48 AM EST (pre-sunrise)
South Beach, Boca Raton, Florida

Join me from the beach this beautiful morning and learn how this philosophy can free you from adversity, obstacles, challenges, change, and chaos pushing you off track time and time again.

As you will see, this is my expanded epiphany after discussing the expected chaos, challenges, and obstacles that occurs regularly with me and my millionaire clients, that I learned while in the Marine Corps which is, “Expect to get cut!” when a knife is pulled out. That way you don’t flinch or lose your focus when you do get cut, due to that one second of distraction could very well cause your life to end.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – Let’s have some fun (for the brave “martial arts masters” who can withstand massive blows to the groin; like the video below); which may be inspirational for those who are recovering from a painful shot to the nuts right now, and possibly healing for you to share how you overcame that devastating blow.

PPS – Our goal as entrepreneurs is to be like Kirby (who took that amazingly powerful kick and heart rate didn’t budge) when challenges come our way, and remain calm, cool, collected, and in control, versus being curled up in a ball crying for mama…or retaliating in a knee jerk, fight or flight, emotionally induced response (which is equally a waste of time, and in many cases exacerbates & expands problems).

When was your most recent, or the most powerful “kick to the balls” you’ve received by life, and how did you pick yourself back up and continue to press on? (comment below)

How to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – Leave your comments below. I see all and personally reply to most all.



Fear of Death: Don’t Let This Fear Steal Your Life

Warning! This fear could actually prevent you from living life, if you let it.

Every soldier who goes onto the field of battle survives when already considering themselves dead. They accept that it is possible. They accept that it is there and they do it in spite of that. Why?

Belief. For a cause and a future that they may not be around to see, but they are highly desirous of it being. So they do it.

Death is an assured thing. You can’t do it wrong. The proof that you’ve done it right is that you do it.

Life and the expression of life very often can be so fraught with fear. Fear of death, fear of failure, or fear of effect, that it feels almost like death to attempt anything.

And then it gets translated into, “Oh no! I’m going to die!” The answer is, “Yes! You are going to die.”

It’s just what do you do between now and then that makes the difference.

Any success you have felt within your life, any little bit of joy, is not because you were frozen. It was because you participated.

That’s the meaning of life to feel a sense of joy everyday and feel a sense of your accomplishments and affect the world in a way that you would like to.

Don’t say, “Don’t be afraid of death.” Instead say, “Don’t be so afraid of death that you don’t live life.”

Eventually every person you know will be dead. If you’re the last person you know, you’ll eventually be one of those persons you know.

The world will go on without you. The question is, “What will you leave in the world that goes on after you?”

Has it ever occurred to you that the reason people have children is because of fear of death?

Has it ever occurred to you that the reason Christmas is what it is because of a fear of death?

Has it ever occurred to you that the reason orgasm exists is to conquer fear of death and the pain of life?

Has it ever occurred to you that people don’t struggle to prevent death? They struggle to retain life.

Has it ever occurred to you that for every ultra rich person you see, eventually they are going to die? No amount of their money prevents it. Plus, their offspring are going to fight over it like carron. Like vultures. And eventually those vultures are going to turn into old men and women and they are going to die.

It’s a cycle.

The only thing that divides death is life, joy, experience.

Don’t expect it to go away immediately; the fear of death. Start thinking about death as something that waits, but not tomorrow.

There is no pre-destined time.

The spark of life exists in all of us and it’s my belief it stays until we no longer use it.

If the spark of life is not igniting the fires of passion, we’re not using it.

If the spark of life is not getting us up in the morning and getting us going, we’re not using it.

It’s my contention that if that happens for a long enough period of time, then there’s no purpose in having a body.

The soul gets bored. The soul wants to observe it’s creations.

The person who seems to be homeless in the park wandering around looking at the birds, may be feeling an intense sense of passion about it’s life and it may live for a very long time, because it is observing creations.

If you feel those little twinges of joy, a little laughter, a smile creeping across your lips, that’s acknowledgement of those creations.

It’s only an illusion in the word creation that you think it has to be big.

The Taj Mahal is a creation. When you look at the Taj Mahal that is a creation, too. When you marvel at how the architecture could occur at that period of time, that’s a creation also.

When you look at the Mona Lisa, you don’t have to paint it to feel the same sense of awe.

A child laughing is a creation. The parent hearing that laughter is a creation. Feeling a sense of joy is a creation.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

If Nothing Changes Nothing Changes

If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting.

Explore, choose the outcomes you desire personally & professionally, and ask yourself the 4 questions shared in the video above to begin leading your life by design, not default.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – Be sure to leave your feedback below. I see all and reply to most all. 🙂



Your Best Is Yet To Come by Tom Beal

My Therapeutic Writings on the Attacks in Paris by Tom Beal

Trying to wrap my head around the events of Paris, here is part of what I wrote today:

We have groups of cancer cells committed to killing healthy and vibrant cells in this body of humanity. Time for some white blood cells to swoop in and remove these lethal cells with surgical precision. Remove the cancer, so the body of humanity can continue to live in peace.

When a person goes through cancer and triumphs, or any large health scare (heart attack, etc), changes in their lifestyle are usually made to do the very best to prolong survival. Only someone who’s not committed to surviving as long as possible would not seek to change their ways, and shrug off any changes in their lifestyle.

Together we, as the body of humanity, must address the root of the problem which created these cancer cells to begin with. If we keep doing what we’ve been doing, it will keep creating new groups of cancer cells committed to killing healthy & vibrant cells.

Time for asking the right questions, searching for the root causes, and making the proper changes in the lifestyle of humanity is now.

If the world governments, leaders, officials, corporations, and policies, continue with the same “lifestyle of humanity” and not make necessary adaptations, that would be akin to a human making it out of a serious health scare, but not committing to changing their lifestyle and hence most likely shortening their life span.

If we as humanity keep doing what we’ve been doing, we’ll keep getting what we’ve been getting.

What are some lifestyle changes I’m referring to? Here are 3:

1. Focus and obsession on war and war machines as main driver of world economy => Transition to spreading education, healthcare, and basic needs (water, food, healthcare, and shelter). Spread love compassion & assistance, and watch what happens.

2. Shunning responsibility & pointing fingers. => When bad things happen to us individually or as a group, yes it is easy to point fingers, but true lessons are learned when the question is asked, “How did I contribute to this happening? What is within my control that can be done to prevent this from occurring again?” Read above to see how I describe that I do believe in removing cancerous cells. However it needs to be done properly to prevent a cycle of revenge & retaliation similar to the Hatfield & McCoy’s (a multigenerational family dispute where they were killing and harming each other, and no one knew why other than that’s what they grew up knowing it to be). We must ask those serious questions, and find answers that get to the root of the problem, which goes well beyond destroying the current attackers.

3. GREED. Goes back to point #1. Many leaders and economies prosper GREATLY during conflict. They have a vested interest in there being US versus THEM scenarios, and throughout history have even been caught red handed many times CREATING conflict when there was none, to spark wars, and boosts to their personal economies. Collateral damage (innocent lives lost) in many cases is what has been used in the past to spark outrage, create an enemy, and boost their personal economies through more wars.

We must recognize that we cannot look at things as face value as what we are told on the news. There are deep ulterior motives that are self sabotaging our progress as humanity with a focus on fear, separation, and hate instead of faith, hope, and love.

Will end with this. Regardless of your race, religion, status, color, height, weight, if you’re good most of the time or bad most of the time, whether you love me or want to harm me, I love you.

You and I are part of this body of humanity; billions of cells. I respect you and appreciate you in playing your role. Thank you!

There is no tree on this Earth where a branch wages war on another branch. We are all branches on this tree of humanity and it is my prayer that one day soon, we will focus on how similar we are, all part of one body, and not on how different we are.

You are Loved!
Love & forgive your self.
Love & forgive your family.
Love & forgive your friends.
Love & forgive your neighbor.
We are all neighbors.
We are one.

EDITED: As I was reading my post I noticed that I left out the BIGGEST step in making the changes that will revolutionize our future. This is the hard one for me, and for many:

Love & forgive your enemies.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

Founder of
Business & Life Philosopher
USMC ’93-’97

End of my therapeutic writings for this sitting. Was helpful for me to get this out during this time of introspection and my hope is that it was somehow and someway helpful for you. May God Bless & Protect You!

Feel free to share this as deemed fit, and/or comment below.

Joe Polish Interviewing Robin Sharma Notes by Tom Beal

RE: How to Achieve Greatness, Mastery and Enduring Fulfillment interview of Robin Sharma by Joe Polish. Personal notes below by Tom Beal.

My morning ritual consists of me walking to the beach every morning which is a 1 hour round trip journey. On that journey I listen to numerous podcasts (at 2x speed) and/or Audible audiobooks (at 3x speed), and have recently begun taking notes on my iPhone while I walk (that must be fun to observe to the drivers by). Can picture several texting, “Look at that idiot walking & texting!” while driving. 🙂

Today I tapped into one of 2 podcasts that I listen to put on by Joe Polish (I Love Marketing & 10XTalk) and found myself stopping on MANY occasions to take notes from the wisdom that Joe’s guest Robin Sharma was sharing. (Joe snuck some good nuggets in, as well.)

Normally, I share my notes with my personal clients only, but today was too good not to share with you here. So below, you will see the video of Joe interviewing Robin and below that will be the notes I took while conducting my morning walk to the beach and back home.

My NOTES while walking: 5am club rituals. Always do: 20/20/20 the person who sweats more in training bleeds less in battle. 1st 20 is intense exercise, 2nd 20 is plan, 20 learning He who learns most wins.

Great student and teacher. Be an instrument of service

So much of an addiction to the shiny toys. None provide sustainable happiness and fulfillment. That all comes from inner power. Do hit best to birth your talents to the world. Do not care or be addicted to what the world thinks of you.

What do I want to stand for? Lead a meaningful & authentic life.

Can either be a victim or a leader. Can lead without a title. Way of thinking and being is being a leader.

Words reveal our beliefs. I can! Possibility. Stop giving away your power.

Leave what’s safe. Get rid of excuses. Own responsibility.

It’s not talent, it’s practice, social circle, inner drive and commitment is what genius & success is. Redundancy.

Trust in your vision even when people call you crazy. Bigger your dream Better the team you’ll need.

Marketplace always pay for mastery. Get your routines and habits right.

Cause driven! Not money driven. Find a cause that touches you deeply.

Be so good they can’t ignore you.

Find your passion.

If you’re around energy vampires it will seep into you.

Be loving and an A player!

Incons are not cut from a different cloth

Goal setting. Vague goals bring vague results. What needs to happen to make this my best year ever? What are 5 daily wins I can have each day?

Periods of in the pocket and blessed. Then recalibration years.

Life has things that work and things that don’t work.

The Greatness Guide. We’re all works in progress. I’m not a guru.

Moment I sold my Ferrari

Most hero’s are frightened little boys and girls.

Love and serve. Not ego and bank account. Focused, fit, keep promises.

Define life on your own terms.

Your income will never exceed your self identity.

Your core beliefs and identity.

You are not your fears. They’re your greatness coming to get you.

Energy is your asset. Fitness, diet.

Social network. People who push you and believe in you.

Enthusiasm covers many deficiencies.

On death bed: 1. Did you leverage your potentials? 2. How many people did you lift up?

You can do so much more than you think you can.

The Titan Summit (every year).

What makes a legend versus a fad? The Titans decline. The moment you think you know everything is the beginning of the end.

Prayer, affirmation, walking in nature.

If attention is off of creativity, service, and lifting people up, you’re off base.

Bravery is a skill! Be confident, be loving.

Bring your A game every day! Lead without a title. Put effort forward. Get your architecture in place. Be all about creating value. Innovation, not complacency. How can I Ben is products out that scare me?

Pain is the result of potential unexpressed.

People are addicted to phones, tv’s.

Had so much focus on love. Then we see icons as cut by a different cloth, and feel broken hearted.

If people aren’t laughing at you you’re playing too small.

Lead the Field. Once I got the person together the world came together.

If you feel small & powerless. Forgive yourself and others.

Eat the right foods, work out, hire a coach to show up at house. Spiritual life. Find your cause.

How do you want to be remembered? I don’t care. Legacy is an ego trap.

Who cares. Leave better than when I found them. Contribute value, while I can.

Trade offs. Profile rises: you’ll bring up the haters. Can pursue your vision or be liked; can’t do both.

Nothing tastes as great as feeling fit feels.

Leader has no title. ***End of NOTES.

We live in a day and age that is quite amazing! With the smart phones in our pockets or hands and ear buds in our ears, we can tap into minds that people pay very large amounts of money to for the wisdom, insights, and information they possess at no charge.

My hope is that my personal notes & the incredible interview video above assisted you in gaining some clarity on how to step more into your own awesomeness, share your talents with this world, and lift many more up along your journey. Your best is yet to come!

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – Feel free to leave your comments or feedback below as a comment, and share this with anyone you know would appreciated it.


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Abraham-Hicks Notes from 2009 Live Event

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Abraham-Hicks Live Event Notes from September 2009

On a recent trip to San Juan (recorded a Podcast about the trip here), I grabbed a random old journal and stumbled across these priceless notes taken while attending a live Abraham Hicks event in Toronto in 2009 that Esther & Jerry Hicks put on and just shy of 2,000 people attended.

Here are my notes for your growth & enjoyment. All I ask is that you share your biggest take away from them as a comment below. Deal? Thank you! Enjoy:

  • Vortex of Creation – vibrational reality from rockets of desire. You must be in vibrational alignment to tap into escrow
  • Am I a cooperative component? Awareness of reality keeps me away from vibrational escrow
  • Steps: 1) Ask (source answers and becomes what I ask for), 2) Source Answers, 3) Release resistance & allow
  • I am source energy in physical form. Came to this existence for expansion & joy. Did not intend to look back.
  • Vibrations of: 1) Questions & Answers are very different, 2) Problems & Solutions are very different
  • My (all of our) purpose here is “Joyous Expansion”
  • Must become a vibrational match to my dreams…and must let go of reality to do so
  • Everything I can dream, I can & will manifest with focus & vibrational match
  • I am a vibrational being. I am source energy in a physical body.
  • Emotions are key to being in match with vibrations & who I really am
  • Remain faithful to me & my own emotional guidance system
  • We are all extensions of source energy
  • Fear = thoughts that are not in alignment with who I really am
  • Art of Allowing. Future is magnificently laid out for me & us
  • Negative emotion = I am not keeping up with who I am and have become
  • Line up with solutions we want as much as possible (remain focused on outcomes we desire)
  • Can’t stay in the Vortex (vibrational state of being) all the time
  • Have hope + belief
  • Beat the drum of Step 1: ASK
  • Imagine resolutions fulfilled. Believe and know them as done
  • Humor releases resistance. Choose laughter over shouting 🙂
  • Be so personally selfish to my alignment. Don’t see from others point of view if it is out of alignment with where you want to be
  • So KNOW my wellness. Speak ONLY of wellness. Jesus didn’t see their illness, only their wellness.
  • Be alright many are out of the Vortex while I’m in it
  • Croaking is when we leave this physical experience (not death).
  • Non physical is: a) in the Vortex, b) pure positive energy, c) no fear, judgement, worry, pain, and d) all resistance is released
  • Life always works out for me. It’s always queued up for me.
  • Look always at Vortex
  • Your current reality does not mean diddly squat!
  • Resistance is the only thing keeping people from wellness
  • Allow my own healing (don’t resist)
  • No healing takes place outside the Vortex
  • What will take you to the Vortex?
  • What will lessen resistance for this person?
  • Find the language that is right for them. 1 person can’t speak all languages.
  • Just resonate true with my methodology & self & know the right people will be attracted to me
  • Undivided attention to my well being
  • Anytime I am discouraged, afraid, not enough, annoyed…I have more resistance.
  • Affirmations – practice my vibration to accept the escrow waiting for me in the Vortex. My vibrational escrow.
  • A more prosperous, abundant, ease, flow, opportunity
  • Vibrational reality is a vivid reality that exists & is the real present tense
  • My current life experiences are past tense in relation to my vibrational reality
  • Get in the Vortex, THEN look at the cards (Money & Law of Attraction Cards)
  • What is it about this moment that feels so good?
  • Focus on the WHY! Lessen resistance to it.
  • Don’t focus on $ + Resistance + How. Just the Why! And appreciate it.
  • Worry & discomfort means you’re out of the Vortex
  • Get in the Vortex then act. Get in the Vortex then speak.
  • If it makes you feel better, it’s a good idea. If it enrages her it’s a bad idea.
  • Draw a circle on a page: write all the things you want in the circle & things you don’t want outside the circle.
  • Write things in the circle like: It’s going to be fun watching the unfolding of all of this. I am good at getting what I want. I so adore my freedom to create because of the fluidity & abundance that runs through my life. I can focus quite well. I have a very nice life. I already attract many great things. I love knowing that abundance is flowing to & through me.
  • Write out of the circle things like: I don’t want to be hindered.
  • Talk myself out of resistance & into alignment
  • Find a way to get into the Vortex before manifestation comes
  • Feel prosperous because I’ve procured vibrational frequency of it. Faith!
  • Money => who owns the deed to the planet? Who’d you pay for your body? For the air?
  • Success = emotion you feel & manifestation of it
  • Vibrational alignment with desires I hold is true key to success & life
  • Energy, thought, emotion, Vortex
  • Every subject is 2 subjects: what I want & what I don’t want
  • Don’t talk about money. Talk about: your worthiness, power of thought, everything working out for you, you are blessed, you are abundant
  • Neediness keeps you from the Vortex
  • There is abundance for you and I see you worthy of it
  • You are the creator of your reality
  • Look toward solution versus dramatizing problem
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if we could find our freedom & abundance?
  • Can’t just write a check to solve others problems
  • Can’t suffer for or with them. Look at them through Vortex, like Jesus did.
  • Be selfish enough to align with ALL I am.
  • One connected to source is stronger than 1 million not. Give people my focus from Vortex. They’ll respond in accordance to the high expectations I see in them.
  • Resonate. (resonance). Can’t keep doing things that don’t serve you and be served.
  • Only think & do things that serve me.
  • “Death” experience. Release of resistance.
  • Don’t use excuses as reason for my separation times when I’m not in alignment with who I am.
  • Live the example of alignment
  • Find a way to talk myself into my Vortex. Train myself into my Vortex. “He’s got his head in the stars. A polyanna.”
  • It’s good for you to feel good, and screwy when you don’t.
  • I came for the joy of catching up with my expansion. I am a pioneer on the leading edge.
  • Patience is overrated. When you’re in alignment & in the Vortex patience is not needed. It’s only needed when you’re not in alignment.
  • Sharpen my desires from the contrast life has given me.
  • Make peace with where you are.
  • Fastest way to get where you want to be is to accept where you are.
  • “I really want something that isn’t happening.” etc. Vibration is on it NOT happening & it won’t. Let it go! Accept it! Align with your SELF “in the zone.”
  • Not everyone will be drawn to your work. Only the people vibrating & resonating with you.
  • Let it flow through me.
  • Do it for the satisfaction of alignment & trust that the people will be drawn to you
  • Be in my Vortex & people ready will be attracted to you
  • Learn to allow your alignment even when someone is not “allowing” you. (not being nice, etc)
  • My top priority: Be in Alignment with My Self!
  • Get to the vibrational root (health, success, etc) and shift your vibration
  • Glorious ease of letting go
  • I am only getting better & better
  • Get so secure in my knowledge of well being that I can’t be pulled from it
  • I’m here to expand it; not fix it or correct it (it = the world, gov’t, etc)
  • Make peace not war with enemies (drug companies, gov’t, etc)
  • Give attention to the solutions. “It’s going to be alright. Wouldn’t it be nice when?”
  • Be OK with “That’s just crazy talk.” replies.
  • People want things because they feel in having it they will feel better: cars, houses, bf/gf, vacations, clothes, etc
  • If you have a desire you can manifest it. This time space reality cannot spark a desire that cannot be manifested.
  • I want alignment with all that I am
  • Make a To Do List for God/The Universe (delegate to the Almighty)

Which one of these nuggets of wisdom spoke to you the most, today? Share your feedback as a comment below.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – You can find all of Abraham-Hicks books and resources here.