Almost 18 months ago I was smoking a cigar, drinking a cocktail, (BTW – I don’t do either of those 2 things anymore, as of late) and conversing with a highly successful friend of mine, who had just taken me after lunch for a ride in his new Rolls Royce Phantom, he picked up on a sweet deal. Sidenote: I must admit, it is a sweet ride.

As we sat there chatting we both expressed how cool it would be for us to meet on a regular basis like this with the other top entrepreneurs and minds in the area, as well.

So that evening as we sat there, I made a post on Facebook that tagged several of our friends in South Florida stating that we were forming a local mastermind group, and to let us know if they were interested in being a part of it, and asking them to tag who else they thought would be a good addition to the group.

Long story short, that was the beginning of the Palm Beach County Lifestyle & Results Mastermind Group, that began December 2013 and since then has met once per month, and many amazing results and break throughs have occurred.

Today, after the monthly mastermind meeting I recorded a podcast that shares some resources we used to create and run this mastermind group, that may be helpful to you, plus shares some of the biggest take aways I’ve experienced about how to surround myself with amazing people, and what that has done for my life and results.

Go listen to this brief podcast at: Tom Beal’s Podcast

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Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – At the podcast URL above, you’ll see a photo from today’s mastermind meeting, which had a highly successful friend from Amsterdam in attendance; Eelco de Boer. In the past we’ve had several out of country guests like Andre Chaperon, Chris Munch, and Kayvon Khalilzadeh attend, also. If you’re ever in South Florida, be sure to hit me up. You may be able to come to one.

Check it out now at: Tom Beal’s Podcast

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