So here’s my new daily reading process as described in the audio:

A. My Daily Readers for 2014:

1. Giant Steps by Tony Robbins
2. God Calling by AJ Russell
3. Your Best Life by Joel Osteen
4. Napoleon Hill’s Positive Action Plan

Every morning I open each book to the day that it is on the calendar (kept with a book mark), and read the special message for that day per book. They’re usually fairly short and around 1-5 paragraphs…but very powerful and inspirational insights.

I look forward to these each and every morning. And no, I don’t peak ahead, like the old me would have.

Added bonus: am putting these into an autoresponder for me, my family, and book club members, so next year they’ll be arriving one after the next each morning automagically, PLUS I will be searching for new daily readers to repeat this process with for 2015 and beyond.

B. Normal Books, One Chapter at a time:

1. Daily Inspiration for the Purpose Driven Life
2. Playday to Payday, 8th Annual Marketers Cruise Multi Author Book
(you can access the digital version of this book from last weeks blog post)

When each book is completed, it is replaced with another book of choice.

C. Special Commitments:

1) 45 Week Commitment

The Greatest Secret in the World – read one scroll three times each day (M-F), one in AM, one at Lunch, and once aloud prior to sleep in evening, for 5 weeks, then move to same process for next scroll. This is for 9 scrolls and is a 45 Week Commitment

2) 100 Evenings in a Row Commitment

The Greatest Miracle in the World – read the God Memorandum once each evening prior to going to sleep. Commitment is for 100 straight evenings.

D. Tom’s Extra Mile Twist

Since I’m investing this time each day, I want to maximize this for my: self, children, book club, inner circle (who have all purchased each of these books, as well), so I take it one step further and record the audio of me reading each of these aloud.

These audios are then all uploaded to my private, client only blog where I, my children, my girlfriend, and my inner circle clients (who all have purchased these books as well)  receive on a daily basis.

So back to the eating an elephant question. Let’s ask it in regards to the books on your bookshelf.

How do you read your entire bookshelf?

One chapter, and one morning at a time.

Make Today Great!

PS – Be sure to post your comment below. Am looking forward to reading & replying to yours.