Need Your Help To Ensure This Is Your Best Year Yet by Tom Beal

by Tom on

Yes, I need your help in order to push you out of your comfort zone, hold you accountable, and give you the proper guidance to ensure this is your absolute best year yet.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Now is your time! Step up, and leave your comment below. At the very least put something in there. You owe it to yourself to step up, and there is no time like the present.

I look forward to seeing your comment, and read each and every one, and will reply personally to most, if not all.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

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  • tombeal

    Way to make it happen Bernhard! Thanks for sharing! This is setup to be your best year yet, for sure.

    Music, huh? I did have a jingle made a while back. Will try to locate it. Thanks for the reminder.

    Do have a beat box for MyTransformationSecrets and comfort zones that I know where it is…enjoy:

  • Ashton Timmons

    Hi Tom, thanks for posting the video. I was on your google hangout the other day and it sent me in think mode. I sent you a message back in July or August about moving to Florida. I wanted to move by the end of last year, but didn’t do it because of fear. I talked myself out of it because of my extreme comfort here and my finances. After watching your video I sat and started planning. I am ready to step out my comfort zone and make this happen. I am afraid, but I am ready. I’ve been telling myself this several times after being on the hangout. Thanks again!

  • tombeal

    Excellent! Glad to hear that New Year’s Impromptu training was helpful to you. Fear = a beitch. Life = Short. You deserve to prevail over fears, and lead a life of less regrets, and “what if’s” in my opinion. Step beyond the fears and gain clarity on what makes the most sense & fulfillment for you now. That’s my perspective, mind you. Do what you feel is best for you. And what is that? (Which only YOU can answer.)

  • Alvin

    Tom “Mr. Mankini” Beal is the most intriguing marketer I get newsletters from–and he replies to his e-mails even to the likes of me. Go for it, man.

  • Marielle

    Dear Tom, unfortunately I missed you last October at the business bootcamp in Amsterdam. But the next time you are here, I am going to give you a big big hug to thank you for all the insights you gave me, for pushing me out of my comfortzone. Yes, 2014 is going to be a great year! My most important goals are:
    Having a loving and passionate relationship with my loved ones, especially my husband. Having a healthy financial situation by earning enough working income to pay my lifestyle and earn some passive income. And yes I need some help to achieve these goals. So I will be very happy with your blogs, videos and inspirational talks!

    Big big hug,

  • tombeal

    Looking forward to being back in Amsterdam again soon…possibly February.

    Way to be clear on where your focus will be this year. Have no doubts you will create all of that and more in 2014…with consistent, persistent, daily actions and focus.

    Will be my pleasure sharing some helpful insights, strategies, resources, and methods to assist you on this journey.

    Make Today Great!

  • tombeal

    Hey Alvin! Good to see you here! I appreciate you, and your kind words…plus your tell it like it is, no sugar coating conversations we’ve had this past year via email. I’m going for it, and hoping you’re ready to do the same. Make Today Great! Tom

  • Alan Steacy

    Hi Tom…love how you just “put it out there”! Very interesting Webjamb too (caught the replay – lots of notes). I will check out Og Mandino’s Trilogy and the 45 week challenge and need to figure out how to employ “Audible”. Dang, you put a lot on my already full plate!

    Well this is my year for transition and really pushing the borders of my comfort zone out into the nether regions of the “safety zone”.
    My goal is to spread my copywriting wings and build a solid client base in the areas of information marketering and B2B.

    Looking forward to communing with you and your tribe in the process.


  • tombeal

    Excellent, Alan! Way to step it all up this year. It is full steam ahead go time! Let’s do this!

    Make Today Great!

  • Bonnie Butwin

    Hi Tom – totally loved your 2014 message. YES! we are fully committed to making this a GREAT year – we’re off to a fast start and everything we’re committed to looks wonderful. So happy to be helping others improve their lives. Thanks for keeping it real! In appreciation, Bonnie

  • tombeal

    Hey Bonnie! Miss you and Robert! Hope all is well. Here is to our respective best year’s yet!

  • Anja Eggens

    Hi Tom. Thanx for your inspiring words. After 4,5 years of working as a freelance executive secretary it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Organizations in the health department (where I work most) seem to solve everything with their own people. So now I am developing a program for small business owners to go work as a virtual assistant. My goal is to make it easier for small business owners by supporting them with a secretarial service, so they can do what they do best and they can let go of the administrative stuff (because I will take care of that). I am just starting with it and think about offering several packages. I keep you posted.
    A very happy New Year for you and your family

  • tombeal

    Excellent, Anja! Have a blast creating your new program and keep me posted on your progress! Make Today Great!

  • Will Golding

    Great video Tom! You’re always the motivator! My biggest obstacle is always improving my product until its perfect then improve it some more and more and I never get it out. And of course shedding some weight would help in every aspect of life….goals…

    see you Sunday on the ship!

  • John Reed

    My eldest son is the Art Director for a London Fashion Firm, responsible for their Web Sites and On Line marketing – he insisted on being my accountability partner – coz frankly he doesn’t believe I’ll take this seriously after 8 years playing with IM as a HOBBY!!
    So, I’m out of my Comfort Zone from 9 Jan onwards – GULP – I have to show him I can make it work by June this year!!
    Bring It On!!
    (Grandpa) John, York, UK

  • tombeal

    Way to be John! Nothing helps people create large results better than strong accountability partners. Hope he pushes you hard, and you step up big this year. You can do it Grandpa! I believe in you! Make Today Great!

  • tombeal

    “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going!” Mike Litman If Bill Gates waited until everything was perfect, he’d still not have released Microsoft. Have to get it out there, and fine tune and tweak it from there. You see my report at yet? Can help with the weight loss. Make Today Great! See you Sunday!

  • tombeal

    Ted, you have been chosen as a winner of a $1,000 value gift from me to you, for my favorite comment to this blog post. Will send you a PM today on how to access this. I appreciate you and know you’ll enjoy this gift.

  • Ted Prodromou

    Awesome Tom. I am so honored! I can’t wait to see what my gift is. This is like an extended Christmas!

  • Michael North

    THose are very discreet Goals Ted, well done

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