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Help Me Make A Difference on my 43rd Birthday & Yours Upcoming

Imagine being able to make a difference on your birthday in a big way; I’m talking a life and death type of way. How do you think that would make you feel? Well TODAY is YOUR DAY! Let’s do this!

Help me share the gift of clean water HERE, and every dollar you are able to donate is 100% matched.

Join me in making a difference TODAY on my 43rd birthday, and gain an advance feeling of how you will feel on your upcoming birthday when you rally your friends together to make a difference again.

Thank you in advance! You are a true CHAMPION!

Make Today Great!

PS – When this campaign is complete, I am going to take the time and make a VIDEO and thanking each and every one of the donors. If you don’t want to be named, you can contribute anonymously. Together let’s show the social media world how powerful we can be when we unite with a common goal to assist others.

PPS – For your upcoming birthday, consider giving the gift of water through a campaign similar to this HERE.

UPDATE: 13 days after my birthday and we’ve raised $12,969 so far and we have until the end of the year to IMPACT more lives:

Thank you to all of the current donors:

Walt Bayliss
Jeff Walker
Michael Neal
Bevan Bird
Jeff Johnson
Matt Grey Ford
Mark Evans III
Ryan C
Yanik Silver
Gus Sevilla
Pat Flanagan
Dan Nickerson
Michael Mesure
Ron Douglas
Cindy Battye
Jocelyn Jones
Daniel Giordano
Chris Moos
Tamara T
Jane Woolmore
Mike Merz Sr.
Daven Michaels
Gregory Schneider
Hameet Sethi
Martin Howley
Jason Stuber
Joe Polish
Mary Ellen Tribby
Palyn Peterson
Gina Gaudio-Graves
Austin Walsh
Ruud Kretzers
VJ Shah
Brad Lindsay
John Hinds
Josh Rosenburg
Nicola Cairncross
Uncle Sal (Harris Fellman)
Joe Player
Sara Young
Jasmine Lee
Carol Douthitt
Steve Sipress
Drew Laughlin
Jim Duffie
Dr. Steve & Joyce Vasilev
David LeRose
Richard Smith
MeiDee Lim
Tony Teegraden
Robert Mercado
Steven Greene
Sherrie Rose
Sigrid McNab
Ian Dunton
Ken Krell
Diane Walker
Ryan Allaire
Ben Mack
Jared Wische
Carolyn Lewis
Jeremy Wong
Dan Kelly
Ted Prodromou
John Abbott
Jason Hornung
John Edwards
JR Griggs
Dorothea Carney
Geo Blalock
Tony Papajohn
Ernesto Verdugo
Dorthea Jensen
Ken Lovett
Ken Maget
Christopher Gutierrez
Amin Leliveld
Michelle Parsons
and several Anonymous contributors.

My hope is that you enjoyed making a difference as much as I had having you as a part of this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Know Thyself and All Will Be Revealed; Power of Self-Discovery by Tom Beal

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” Lao Tzu

Introspection and self examination are professed throughout history as being one of the greatest journeys we can face in our brief journey we call life.

In today’s hectic world, it is very easy to get caught up in the busyness of life versus digging deep into who we really are as a unique individual person, and how and why we each do what we do; and how to master our own unique operating systems for maximum performance and fulfillment.

For those who venture down this path it can be a very rewarding and sometimes frightening journey.

The first question many times is, “How and where can I begin this journey?”

In the old days, that answer was much more complex than it is today. Today there are resources and tools from people who have made it their passion and life’s purpose to craft tests that can peer behind the veil of your consciousness and show you insights into who you are, how and why you do things, and how to best utilize your unique to you operating system to attain purpose, passion, joy, accomplishment, and much more.

Personally, I have been on this journey of introspection for decades and have attended thousands of hours of live events, consumed thousands of books, listened to thousands of hours of audios, and watched thousands of hours of video trainings.

In my search I have also come across numerous tests that have not only been helpful to me, but have been helpful to tens of thousands of others who have also taken and benefitted from.

I’ve chosen to share 5 of these tests that peer into my psyche and sub-conscious mind with you publicly to take away any fear you may have had about these tests, and with the hope that you too will venture deeper into this path of self-discovery to unleash the greatness within you, even more.

Here are the 1st 3 that I will share with you here, which are fairly well known:

  1. Sally Hogshead’s Fascination Advantage Report: Discover How The World Sees You, Through The Science of Fascination. Click the URL above and it will bring you to a page that allows you to download my Custom Report that shows me as The Maestro (which is one of 49 personality archetypes in this system), shares a URL of me reading it aloud as an MP3, gives you a brief video describing this report, plus a way for you to go see which of the 49 Personality Archetypes you are, and how the world sees you.
  2. Kolbe A Index: Shows my results as a 7 4 8 2, which is as they say, “so individualized that only 5% of the population is likely to have results just like mine.” This is a very popular tool used by companies to get to know their employees at a level no interview could uncover. Click the URL and you’ll be able to access my personal Kolbe report along with MP3 URL, see a brief video explaining this test and it’s benefits to you, plus a way for you to go see what your Kolbe Action Modes are (mine are 7 4 8 2, which is explained in my report).
  3. The Millionaire Master Plan Test: says that I am a Blaze Genius like Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, and Marilyn Monroe, and goes into great depth about how I can best use my strengths to build my wealth & fulfillment. PLUS, it dives deep into a ladder of wealth that we all are on and how and what must occur at each level of this ladder to reach the next rung. VERY powerful training for all types.
  4. Tools 4 & 5, are WAY DEEP and are more on the Quantum Psychology level peering behind the curtains of Oz in a way that I will not be sharing them publicly. However I will be sharing them with you IF you raise your hand and want to go deeper down the rabbit hole of self discovery. To Raise Your Hand and receive these upcoming reports, simply go HERE and enter your name and email. You will receive emails of the above listed resources over the next few days, and then in the next week or so will receive the 4th & 5th personal findings reports of mine, plus me reading them as MP3, and how and where you can learn more about them. One focuses on: “Who am I? What am I? What ought I to be?” and the other is literally “Your manual for happiness and success.” These are SUPER DEEP & highly eye opening and intriguing.  NOT for the meek or weak.

My hope is that sharing my reports with you remove any of  your fears about embarking on this journey of self-discovery, plus by sharing these resources can immediately (literally within 30 minutes TODAY if you feel so called) begin seeing more clearly who you are, how you operate, what your strengths are, and a plan to get more from this journey we call life; to include happiness, fulfillment, joy, and accomplishment.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – Be sure to raise your hand HERE if you want to go deeper and see/receive the 4th and 5th reports and resources. I’ll see you on the other side!

“Know thyself and all will be revealed.” Pamela Theresa Loertscher


10 Secrets for Success & Inner Peace by Wayne Dyer (Notes of Tom Beal)

IMG_169010 Secrets for Success & Inner Peace by Wayne Dyer personal notes taken by Tom Beal while listening to this Audible audiobook at 3x speed on his morning walk, to and from the beach (more details of this daily ritual follow the notes from the 10 Secrets).

  1. Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing. Resist being a pessimist. Treat all with live and respect. A miracle mindset. With God all things are possible. I am a miracle worker. As a ma thinker the so is he. Let go of attachments. Infinite patience immediate results. Don’t be always striving never arriving.
  2. Don’t die with your music still in you. What a man can be he must be. When you were born your life’s work was within you. Follow your dreams or feel unfulfilled. Express the music you hear. Don’t betray your music and your destiny. Does this feel right? Find passion through inspiration. What’s ties your soul? Fear or love. Failure is an illusion. It all produces a result, then it’s what you do with it. Be enthusiastic. Meet triumph & disaster the same (both illusions)
  3. You can’t give away what you don’t have. Trust yourself. Give love and joy. Receive live and joy. If you feel anger you have anger in your body. Low energy attracts more. Have more high energies and attract more. Only love and support yourself. Self love self respect. More you give the more you get. When you squeeze an orange it always gives orange juice. Finding your purpose. You come here and leave with nothing. Be of service to others. Athlete warrior statesman spirit. Love & serve. Nothing is personal, tame your ego. How can I be of service?
  4. Embrace silence. Solitude is key to inner peace. All mans miseries derive from man not being able to sit silent in a room alone. Be still and know I am God. Creativity requires stillness. To know God is to banish doubt. Sit quietly alone; meditate. Meditation for manifesting. Get in the gap. More peace, remove stress through peace & meditation. When ego enters
  5. Give up your personal history. The wake of the boat is the trail left behind and can’t drive the boat forward. Your past is over. Don’t be a victim of it. Examine embrace and love the past. Falls and challenges happen. Honor, retire, transform them, to be of value in the present. Give up the past & future in your mind, be in the present moment. Remove all labels places on your self. You’re a human.
  6. You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it. Problems are impossible. Thoughts are the source of all in your life. Change your thoughts change your relationships and life. World is just as it is. Body is a container for spirit to flow through. Ego consciousness, competing & winning, how do I stack up against others. Despair anger stress. Group consciousness. Same but now a larger clan. War brutality. Hate when they hate, love when they love. Mystical consciousness. Feeling connected. We’re all one. Won’t feel separate.
  7. There are no justified resentments. Happiness is required by your thoughts. I may not understand why but I own it. I take responsibility. Then you can take steps to improve it. Love peace joy kindness forgiveness. If you’re going to seek revenge you’d better dig two graves. What you think of me is none of my business. Don’t be offended by anyone or anything. Be peaceful. Have faith in your beliefs and feelings. Don’t judge or define others either. Peaceful person attracts more peace. They won’t be like you. They’ll be them. Love and forgive. Dissolve hatred. Anyone who has harmed you, release them. Forgive them, free yourself.
  8. Treat yourself as if you already are the way you would like to be. In form you receive information. In spirit you receive inspiration. Vision, imagine, act as if. I am! If in scarcity, change your thinking. Visualize the future self. Success and inner peace are your birthright. Act towards others as they are bright responsible and amazing. Look for the good in others. Am I treating this relationship as it is or the way I’d want it to be? See your audience as loving, motivated and amazing. You’ll note synchronicity. What you think about expands and stir you to action. Claim your genius and abundance. Whether you think this is possible or impossible you’re right.
  9. Treasure your divinity. Treat nothing as a miracle or treat all as a miracle. If you feel disconnected from God you’ll lose your power and peace. Nothing is missing. Ego edges you to chase what is missing. Embrace your divinity. There is no place God is not. It is in you and all you perceive as missing in your life. Are you God? Yes I am. And so are you. Difference is I know it and you don’t yet. Even
  10. Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you. Nothing is unless we think it so. Thoughts can weaken or strengthen you. Shame guilt apathy. Release. Give love power and respect to your self. Fear and anger. Perfect love casts out all fear. Everything is a vibration of energy. Go to love and trust. We become what we think about all day long. Mind creates health, abundance and amazing relationships.

Tom Beal’s morning ritual consists of walking 2 miles to the beach, and 2 miles back home, which is approximately a 1 hour roundtrip of walking at a decent pace WHILE listening to audiobooks on Audible at 3x speed (so 3 hours of audio EACH morning walk).

He used to just listen to these audios each morning UNTIL it struck him that he is not remembering the key take aways he had just heard that morning, then decided to test and see if he could take notes WHILE walking AND listening at 3x speed. The answer is/was YES!

Currently Tom is averaging 3-5 audiobooks per week, and takes copious notes on most all of them, as well.

He shares them inside a Secret Client Only Facebook Group, for his and his clients benefit, but does share them publicly on occasion.

You can watch a FREE Webinar training to learn how to Stop Overcomplicating Success by using Tom’s Success Magnet System combined with his Trinity Success Method, and at the end learn how to access this Secret Facebook Group at: Stop Overcomplicating Success.

NOTE: These are Tom’s personal notes taken while walking & listening to this Wayne Dyer Audiobook on Audible at 3x. He highly encourages you to go get and listen to this Audiobook (plus any of Wayne’s brilliant words) for yourself here: Wayne Dyer Collection.

Feel free to share this with others you feel can benefit from it and/or leave a comment below with which of the 10 secrets resonated most with you. Enjoy & Make Today Great!


6 Powerful Tools To Best Assist You In Starting, Growing & Profiting From Your Online Activities

In preparation for the weekend, and after reviewing the questions that were sent in after I asked, “How can I best assist you?” from a previous email, I feel this will be helpful to many, possibly you, in one of the most popular questions posed to me:

“What are the best tools & resources to start, build, and grow my online results?”

Here are the 6 best resources to start, build & profit online:

1. Aweber email autoresponder service. Yes, there are many service providers, however this combined with resource #2 are a HUGE advantage over most all other solutions.

Check out Aweber HERE.

2. AWProTools used together with Aweber allows you to move and copy people to other lists based upon their actions all behind the scenes automatically.

Taps into the power of list segmentation which maximizes your results and profits to your email lists.

SAVE $250 by a special offer I worked out for you with the owner HERE.

3. LeadPages allows you to create optin pages, thank you pages, sales pages, that have proven conversion track records, and more with the click of a few buttons.

MAN do I wish a tool like this existed years ago. This eliminates any need to know HTML.

Check out LeadPages HERE.

4. ClickFunnels allows you to simply & easily to tap into the power of funnels that help you maximize your ROI and client experience.

This takes your results from OK, to OFF the HOOK! Have to see it to believe it.

Check out ClickFunnels HERE.

5. WebinarJam takes what used to only be available for million dollar marketers to rake in HUGE results and puts that power into your hands to conduct LIVE or what appears to be live (Automated or Evergreen) webinars.

This is A MUST for marketers looking to ramp up their results & conversions, especially for higher priced products & services.

Check out Webinar Jam HERE.

6. Video Sales Letters is what powerhouses like Agora publishing and Stansberry Research used to produce $100’s of millions, and people like Ryan Deiss have used to produce stellar results, as well.

This, also, used to take a LOT more time and expertise to make happen, YET now with tools like this, you can create them super simply and easily, in very little time.

Check out Video Sales Letters HERE.

And there you have it. Tools and resources that I truly wish were available to me years ago, that make it super simple and easy to build pages, funnels, and lists with conversions and segmentation while tapping into 2 of the most powerful money makers of the past few years VSL’s and Webinars that used to be out of the league for smaller marketers.

My hope is they are as helpful to you as they have been for so many.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

BONUS: The only thing missing with all of these tools is TRAFFIC.

One of the best ways to get targeted traffic to grow your list, through subscribers and Webinar registrants is through Facebook advertising.

CAUTION: if you try to figure FB ads out on your own, it will be a costly lesson. If you follow the path of people who are getting the results you desire that are willing to share their steps and secrets with you, that is the best route.

This course HERE is one of the most recent, and impressive ones that I can recommend highly, that will show you how to grow your list FAST and at the lowest cost, plus how to recoup that money ASAP.

“How Can I Best Serve & Assist You?” Tom Beal

“Tom, Could You Recap All That You Shared With Me Last Week?” Me: Sure!

Below is a story of how prolific in value creation I was last week that I chose to, upon request, put all that I created into one spot that was easy to locate, so here it is…

Just got back from touring Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach, FL on my new to me 50cc scooter with my girlfriend.

Good news is we made it home JUST prior to a Florida style DOWNPOUR of rain. Perfect timing! 🙂

When I jumped on email, I answered several requests from friends like you, who receive my emails, for the URL for this and the URL for that, since I have sent you so many valuable messages this past week.

That made me think, “Hmm! Why don’t I just put a list of the valuable resources out in an email so it can all be in one place?” And here it it.

1) Yesterday, I shared a 9/11 Tribute prayer that I wrote with tears streaming down my face as I reflected on the lives lost and family members left behind and it is here:

BONUS: As a comment I also posted a conversation that I had with one of my hero’s face to face, Zig Ziglar in October of 2001, in Greensboro, NC, which got me back on the proper track here:

2) Today, I shared a challenge to push you out of your comfort zone. WARNING: this with either: a) Offend You, or b) Inspire The Best Version of You that you have been hiding away to be released to the world. That is at: (comment letting me know if you accept, agree, or disagree)

3) An Audio Recording PLUS My Highly Detailed Notes of one of the most impactful, mind blowing presentations I have EVER had the privilege of witnessing, studying & implementing, AND my wish is this will be as POWERFUL and IMPACTFUL for YOU as it was for me and all else who saw it LIVE and has studied the recording and notes:

4) A LIVE interactive video with people from all over the globe (Netherlands, Denmark, US: Georgia, San Diego, Miami, and more) we touch on subjects related to: preparation, confidence, being in the flow, the power of your mind in determining your reality, only 3 things you can control in this world (which by default controls a 4th), the secret question to ask yourself when someone is pushing your button to ensure you don’t say or do things you may regret later, and more. VERY POWERFUL video at:

5) 10 Steps to Make Today Great Podcast, that awoke me at 5:30am to get out of bed and draft for you (which I fought tooth and nail to pass but couldn’t), then audio recorded it for you as well at:

(Subscribe via iTunes at: to listen in your Podcast app, as they are released. Over 270 episodes there now.)

6) Recap of my recent LIFE changing 3 Day Apple Fast which has totally transformed my mind, body, actions and results, PLUS how I went from 196 to 168 in 60 days at:

7) You’ll note that a few of the value shared above this past week was created as I conducted LIVE interactive video streams from my iPhone using a new & powerful platform (owned by Twitter) called Periscope.

a) I’d love to have you join me for my next Scopes coming up. To do that, you can get the app at then search for me, Tom Beal and follow me. It will notify you on your phone when I go live. OR you can follow me at (@tombeal) It will tweet a LIVE URL when my Scope goes live and you can join me on your smart phone or your computer by clicking on that Twitter link.

b) IF you are an entrepreneur or have a message you are seeking more reach, this new platform is AMAZINGLY HOT and working WONDERS for me and others who are using it. That said, there is a tool that puts Periscope to use to explode your traffic and content creation. I’d recommend checking it out at:

Wow! What a week! That my friend is embracing and being what I have termed and teach as Prolific Value Creation.

My hope is each of these, or at least one of these has impacted you in a positive manner.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – Feel free to share these as you see fit with others who could benefit. Also, be sure to post your comment(s) and feedback at each of these blog posts with your biggest take aways, or aha moments.

Oh yeah, almost forgot this….

PLEASE NOTE: On my blog(s), even though you are already a subscriber to my newsletter, there will be a pop up asking you to subscribe. Simply close that box, and you do not need to enter your details. My tech
people tell me that at this time, it will continue to do that once per visit to the site. Seeing what options are available to remedy that. As it says in the box now, simply close it and shake your fist at technology with me. My hope is the value you receive far exceeds one click to exit that popup. 🙂

People DYING Everyday For Attention; Literally

RE: 6 Steps to Protecting Your Self & Family From Texting & Driving

ATTENTION. Businesses are paying BILLIONS for it. People are doing outlandish things for it (that they easily self justify). And yes, people are LITERALLY dying for it DAILY (texting and driving).

If you haven’t noticed, MOST people nowadays have the attention span of a gnat.

Don’t believe me? Count today how many people you are conversing with face to face that are FULLY engaged with you. They are NOT looking around the room, over your shoulder, or at their smart phone while conversing with you. They’re looking you in the eyes, and hanging on your every word.

If I were a betting man, I have a hypothesis that you would be hard pressed to have ONE person PER DAY who is PRESENT in such a manner.

People do NOT even stay present WHILE DRIVING a motor vehicle for goodness sakes. When on the highway next time look to the left and look to the right and notice that generally about ONE out of every TWO cars has an smart phone out, in their one hand…REGARDLESS of the news stories of the fatalities caused and lives ruined by texting and driving.

You know why?

“It’ll never happen to me, syndrome.” or the

“I’m good at texting & driving. I do it safely.”

FALLACY they believe WHILE they RISK their own lives including any passengers in vehicle with them (kids, friends, loved ones, etc.), and the other drivers who are unlucky enough to be near these IRRESPONSIBLE, attention addicted, responsibility shunning people.

FACT #1: As humans, the #1 MOST DANGEROUS act we participate in, is entering a car and the highways of America either as a driver or passenger, and the most dangerous thing a DRIVER could do while at the wheel is TEXT & DRIVE (to include checking social media), which is 2 TIMES more probable to crash than a DRUNK DRIVER. (see image below)

FACT #2: Many people with OCD who will wash their hands NUMEROUS times per hour out of fear of germs that will harm them, have ZERO problems or issues pulling their phone out to text, or check Facebook while driving. IE: putting lots of time & energy towards something that has MINIMAL chance of EVER causing ANY harm to them, yet IGNORING and minimizing the absolute MOST dangerous thing they could ever do. Ironically, many are drivers who text & drive have OCD related to the usage of their cell phone versus addictions to them. 

Bottom line: Humans amaze me. They intrigue me.

Why do we do what we do?

How do we justify all that we do?

That is the Billion Dollar question.

The question I would like to pose is more of a solution based one related to keeping myself, my family, and you reading this as safe as possible while on the roads. So…

  1. “What can be done to ensure I set an example for the rest of my family and choose to NOT use my cell phone while behind the wheel?”
    1. Answer: It must be a decision made in advance to getting into the vehicle each and every time (possibly a sticky note on the dash as a reminder) along the lines of: “I love my life and my family too much to risk it by choosing to text and drive. I choose to take this role as driver and role model seriously, and will not utilize my phone at all while the car is in motion.”
    2. If my kids or other family members see me using my phone while the vehicle in motion, it gives them the ok to use theirs while driving and in motion. Nothing would break my heart more than to get a call saying they are no longer here, especially being that is was in part due to my poor example.
    3. I choose to take full responsibility and not be tempted to pick up my phone for any reason.
    4. My family knows and agrees that if they are reaching out to me and I am not responding, to assume it is due to me being on the road, and that I will reply to them at my earliest convenience. NOTE: Consider having that be standard, “I’ll get back to you at my absolute earliest convenience.” for all family members. We do not want to be Pavlov humans, nor set that as an example of how we want out kids to be, either. Don’t play the “why didn’t you text me back immediately” game. That adds huge amounts of burden to any family member, and would cause them anxiety if they receive or see texts from you if that would be the response they got after getting to their destination, and could cause them to try to text and drive (aka RISK THEIR LIFE and others) as to NOT get BERATED or INTERROGATED later. Don’t be that person.
  2. Have a standard protocol, that all in the family have agreed upon that no one will be using their phones while the car is in motion (texting, checking emails, social media site, etc).
    1. At a stop light, or when pulled over there is a quick & safe way to notify anyone reaching out to you who may want some feedback out of concern. Copy and paste the following from your iPhone, then when stopped simply type “dn” (dn – without the quotations and it will autopopulate the rest). Follow the steps and copy and paste this in proper place: “Driving right now. Text you back when safe & able to. (This created on iPhone by: Settings => General => Keyboard => Add new shortcut. And this all auto-populates when I type dn) Please use this yourself, spread the word, and choose to not text and drive, as it would really sadden me to lose you over a text that could have waited. (Sent to you by typing 2 letters, while not in motion; most likely at a light.)” From your iPhone TEXT: ITCANWAIT to 33444 to receive this dn text copy sent to you.
  3. Agree in advance as a family, that IF a situation is a must for you to send a text or check anything on your phone, safely pull over and park in a safe place to do so. When done, get back on the road, choosing in advance to NOT text & drive.
  4. If there are passengers in your car, utilize them to plugin the map details, search for things online, send a quick text to someone for you, etc. DO NOT risk THEIR LIVES or YOURS.
  5. IT CAN WAIT! Is sending or replying to a text worth your life? How would your life be if you by checking or sending a text ran over and killed a child? Would a text be worth that? In the grand scheme of things, IT CAN WAIT. Your BOSS, LOVED ONE, FRIEND, or anyone who cares about you would understand that you made a choice prior to entering your vehicle that you would NOT text and drive and to wait until you were stopped. If they don’t understand, find new friends or bosses. It’s YOUR LIFE. Treat your SELF with the DIGNITY you DESERVE!
    1. Watch this powerful It Can Wait Video WITH your family & loved ones, and discuss it openly 
    2. Teach YOUR self and FAMILY to be FREE from anxiety or anticipation related to their phone(s). Help them learn that it is a powerful tool that can greatly assist them in many ways, AND it can STEAL their most precious assets of TIME and possibly their LIVES if left uncontrolled. Some Google searches will come up with some ideas. Here’s one from WebMD titled
  6. Drive DEFENSIVELY. Expect that people ARE NOT paying attention, and WILL NOT make the proper moves and choices that they should. BE PREPARED, VIGILANT & OBSERVANT at ALL times when behind the wheel, and have those in the car with you on the lookout as well.

Whether we know each other personally or not, as I mention in my dn tip above, it would really sadden me to hear that you or someone you care about lost your life due to texting and driving, ESPECIALLY since you were here, and know the dangers is poses.

DO NOT JUST READ THIS. TAKE A STAND! TAKE ACTION! MAKE A COMMITMENT…like your life and the lives of your loves ones is on the line, because it truly is.

My hope is this was helpful to you, and that you make a commitment, chat with your loved ones (friends and family) about this, and make it safer for us all on the streets.

Feel free to share this post to as many people as possible. Together we can make the roads safer.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – Please leave me your comments below. Would love to hear your feedback. Which part, if any, did you find helpful?

Statistics of Driving Hazards

When Attempted Humor or Viral Videos Cross The Line of Human Rights by Tom Beal

Due to me speaking on stage in a Mankini (topic: Steps To Stepping Out of  Your Comfort Zone) years ago, several people have tagged me on Facebook to a viral video of white boys going to Compton, CA, in and confronting random people on the street, then attempting to fight them. When they goaded the innocent person into fighting, then then stripped down into Mankini’s and the people run away. I get it, and in a sick and perverse way this video can appear funny. But here’s my real feelings on it, which may shed further light on why I feel this “funny” video is appalling.

What these guys did was not only super disrespectful to innocent people minding their own business, doing their own things in public, but confronting them out of the blue in that manner regardless of what race or city is bullying/harassment and if they would’ve been beaten, shot, or stabbed, (prior to them stripping down to their Mankini’s) it would’ve been absolutely justified from the receiving end of their prank, IMO.

Fact: If they tried that down here in FL with middle class business men (or women), or elderly even, chances are good they’d have a weapon pulled on them and possibly be fired upon out of self defense. (Not to mention the guys doing this video were all large, intimidating, obviously crazy, and in good physical shape that could be capable of harming you badly).

My feeling is that IF people are choosing to conduct jackass like (movie) pranks, they’d better be aware of the consequences (physical harm and/or arrest) and my hope would be they would do it out of comedy and not violating personal human rights.

To me, this is almost as preposterous as what you may have seen with some kids recording others while knocking out innocent people that just happened to walk by, and laughing at it, just like people are laughing at this.

Furthermore, the one stated above is definitely something those who do it should be found and arrested (aggravated assault at the very least), and IMO, the people who recorded this fall into the illegal category of harassment, at the very least.

If the roles, races, and cities were reversed the cops would’ve definitely been involved QUICKLY and it would’ve been a show we’d hear about later called “When Pranks Go Bad.”

Bottom line: a. Treat others as you would want to be treated. b. Don’t be a Jackass!

NOTE: It was/is on purpose that I did NOT share the URL to that video, or the videos of people knocking random people out as they walk by. They do not deserve added exposure in my opinion. Please do not list either of those URL’s in any comments below. Thank you! PS – If you have not seen them, trust me, it’s ok, you’re not missing anything, and you’re probably better off that way.

My Simple Comfort Zone Challenge To YOU! Do you accept?

You have big dreams? Big goals? FACT: They WILL NOT occur staying comfortably in your Comfort Zone. You must explore outside of it DAILY! This simple challenge, will test your commitment to really wanting to go for your dreams, or if you’re just a big talker with no action to back it up.

If you are unwilling to push past your minds attempts to talk you out of things, and TAKE ACTION in spite of fear, uncertainty, or anticipation of bad outcomes, you’ll be missing out on all the success, adventure, and fun that is waiting for your courage to show up.

That is a true, for real, challenge from ME to YOU! Comment below if you accept or not, and even better share your experience if you accepted.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – As I state in the video, if you choose to decline this challenge I wish you the best of luck on your big dreams. This is the absolute SIMPLEST step you could ever choose to take or not take on any journey to greatness. Fail to accept this, and you’ll fail to accept the more difficult ones.

Let me peek into some of your minds?

“Tom, aren’t you being a bit harsh?” Nope. Just doing my job, which is to nudge you to be your absolute best. It’s not uncommon for me to see more talent & brilliance lying latent in you, than you see for yourself.

“It’s not that big of deal. I’ve done it before years ago, and don’t need to do it now.” What other things in your life and business are you excusing yourself from doing that are congruent with your goals and dreams. Meaning: you should and must be doing the if you were serious about your large goals and dreams but instead are choosing to make excuses that you convince yourself of being valid (and that dream or goal is put on pause until you choose to do what you know you must).

Jim Rohn, said it best: “Things that are easy to do, are easier NOT to do.”

Yes, this is easy to do, but it’s easier not to do. If you choose no to this challenge, ask yourself what else is easy to do in your health, relationships, and finances, that you are choosing NOT to do out of emotional laziness.

NOTE: Is this making you uncomfortable? Good! YOU have HUGE talents lying dormant within you. You want to die with your songs still in you and lead a life of mediocrity compared to what you could’ve lived if you chose to step into your awesomeness boldly & fearlessly? My guess is a NO or else you wouldn’t be here.

Tell yourself what I told myself, in my mind as it was trying to talk me out of it), and own your awesomeness and choose to do it NOW!

As simple as it sounds this is a life transforming experience for many. Choose to try it yourself, NO EXCUSES, and let me know your experience in a comment below.

LOOK: I attract winners. You are one or you wouldn’t be here reading this now. In business and life there are either results or excuses. Which do you choose today? Step up! NOW is your time to shine and own your greatness. Are you ready?

9/11 Impacted Everyone Throughout The World. My Reflections 14 Years Later by Tom Beal

My feelings and thoughts on this 11th day of September, 2015 by Tom BealPraying Firefighter on 9/11:

The entire world was impacted on this day 14 years ago. It still brings up deep & intense feelings & emotions for me even though I was in Charlotte, NC at the time. We all have emotional scars by witnessing and experiencing this day that will never be forgotten.

A) Posted this as a reply to a Facebook post earlier and felt compelled to share it with you here, as well:

“I salute our fallen hero’s and our current hero’s who to this day rush in to save lives when most people would run the opposite direction. Thank you to all of our upstanding Fire Fighters, EMT’s, and Police Officers and their supportive committed families. Also sending love and prayers to the 1st responders & civilian lives taken that day, and the pain, sorrow and loss their families had to endure.”

B) With tears streaming, thinking of those lost and the pain and suffering the families left behind have had to endure I wrote this prayer, which was posted on a popular Christian FB Group, also. If you recognize it from there, know I am the author, not plagiarizing.

“Lord, I still cannot make sense of this event from 14 years ago and trust in You and Your plan that I am not meant to have full understanding. I AM meant to have Faith in You. Father, help me grow in my Faith so I can trust you as Christ trusted you even while he was asking for this cup (Luke 22:42) to be taken from him, but continued and said, Your will not mine be done. Lord, help this world find peace, and help us individually find peace & comfort in You, Your Love, and Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen!”

Sending love & prayer to all the families of those we lost, and comfort to all around the globe who still are grieving or suffering. Lord, hear our prayers.

NOTE: This is NOT the post to discuss conspiracies or things of that nature. It IS a post to reflect, think, and act in the present moment from love, peace, and respect for the fallen & those left behind. Please respect that, and post comments in alignment with this stated intent. Thank you!