A few years back I went to the Playboy mansion with my friend many know as the Rich Jerk. He had many celebrities there to include one of my favorite childhood singers Bobby Brown  (see pic of me and Bobby below). BUT here’s the deal…RJ can be offensive to some and I get it. HOWEVER, if you can get past the swear words, cockiness, and what some may deem as possibly offensive, you’ll see the RJ I know, as someone who TRULY enjoys helping people change their financial lives.

Knowing him as a close friend for almost 10 years now, and making a ton of money together, I feel his persona is just to push the people away who would be wasting his time. Trust me, he’s the real deal with a HUGE heart, doing a LOT of good behind the scenes and never asking for any press on the good he does (in people’s lives), just to keep his bad boy JERK image up.

Do yourself and your financial future (how to start & grow your business…not investments) a favor, and go plug into the Rich Jerk world. He’d be pissed if I told you that he’s really a kind hearted man who gets his most fulfillment in helping people like you succeed beyond your wildest dreams (JUST like ME).


Pic of me and Bobby Brown at the Playboy mansion several years back at a RJ gathering there…

Bobby Brown & Tom Beal

Make Today Great!

Tom Beal

PS – My hope is you can be the next RJ success story. REMEMBER: Do NOT tell him I told you he was actually a NICE guy.


AND: Get past his swearing and JOKE of being a JERK. He’s truly NOT! AND can truly CHANGE your business RESULTS!