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Change is the one constant in today’s day and age. You can learn to forecast and embrace it to your advantage, or stay stuck in your old ways living in the reality of the definition of insanity (doing the same thing and expecting different results).

This is a double edged sword though, because as business owners and entrepreneurs there is no way to keep up with ALL of the latest and greatest breakthroughs, tools, resources, and technologies.

HOWEVER, it is your RESPONSIBILITY to TAKE NOTE of the true GAME CHANGERS that appear, and embrace them. If you don’t you’ll be like Kodak turning a blind eye on the digital camera and remaining focused on their 35mm film…which took them from BILLIONS to BANKRUPT in short order.

“Ok, Tom I get the picture. So what are the NEW game changers of today?”

Glad you asked! Here are some true game changers of todays marketplace:


#1 Facebook Advertising

Undeniably the #1 game changer for small and large companies who have embraced it is harnessing the power of Facebook Advertising.

Never in history has there been a platform where people willingly shared MOST ALL of their psychographic and demographic information WILLINGLY!!! Read that again to truly grasp the power in this statement.

Based on what they have willingly and openly shared on Facebook, you now can strategically place your advertisements DIRECTLY in front of your ideal prospects, clients, competitors clients, etc.

BUT, don’t go diving into the deep end just yet, Jimmy or Sally! Yes, you could drown due to not knowing how to swim in these waters.

Many an eager entrepreneur went skipping into the Facebook Advertising land thinking it was as easy as Chutes & Ladders, UNTIL they ended up losing their shirts, or even getting BANNED from Facebook, due to not knowing how to play the game accordingly (to FB rules), and PROFITABLY.

I have some GREAT NEWS for you!!! You DO NOT need to go figure this out on your own, and either lose your shirt (aka LOTS of money), or get banned from Facebook trying to figure it out.

My good friend Ron Douglas had a private class that he charged $997 per participant to look over his shoulder and witness EXACTLY how he was creating up to 500 leads PER DAY and as little as 2 cents per click using his Facebook advertising strategy he termed 5 Dollar Posts.

EVEN BETTER NEWS…is that you WILL NOT have to invest $997 for this exact course. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

For only a couple days, Ron is allowing you to access this course for ONLY $39!!!

That is NOT a misprint. I have access to this product and can tell you 1st hand that this walks you step by step on how to do Facebook Ads simply, effectively, and profitably.

JUST the added bonuses alone are worth WAY MORE than the measly $39 he is charging for this. Ron’s doing alright, and this is his way of paying it forward.

GO NOW to get 5 Dollar Posts by Ron Douglas. You can thank me later for telling you about it, and Ron for putting this together at such an amazing discount for you!

UPDATE: Recorded a BRIEF Video Tour of the Members Area to Show You The EXTREME VALUE You Get for ONLY $39


#2 Provide Valuable Continuity Services (Get Paid Over & Over Each And Every Month)

The only thing better than making a sale for a product or service that you offer to your clients is making a sale that provides extreme value to your clients on an ongoing basis that they PAY YOU EACH AND EVERY MONTH for.

Imagine for a minute a successful entrepreneur who has earned millions of dollars, noticing a need/gap in the marketplace that is not being served optimally.

He reaches out to his programming team and they say they can do it, but it won’t be inexpensive. It will be over $100,000 USD in development to get the tool up and running. He says, “Go for it! Let’s do it!”

Now imagine that entrepreneur, for a very limited time, offers this turn key solution of the utmost quality and value, PLUS all customer support and any/all issues to be handled by his team, and he allows YOU to be a reseller of this service and KEEP 100% YOUR SALES!?!?!

NO! This person is not insane.

YES! This is a real scenario, but he is limiting it to only a FEW DAYS, and for a few lucky people who are in the know that can take advantage of this.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. He also gives you ALL the marketing material and training you will need to effectively sell this and earn significant RECURRING INCOME.

This is another friend of mine, and I was so confused about this seemingly TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE offer, that I FaceTime’d him and had him explain how and why he was doing this.

Once again, this is a pay it forward situation and he is truly committed to assisting you in becoming one of his incredible success stories.

This is a ticket to ride, that many have dreamed of and comes with my highest recommendation possible. This man and his company are extremely reputable and upstanding. You can’t go wrong by taking a closer look and taking advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity at RepWarn Reseller program by Walter Bayliss.

UPDATE: A Video Tour of MY RepWarn Reseller Members Area


#3 Periscope Live Video Streaming (owned by Twitter)

This NEW platform allows you to use your smartphone to host live streaming video from anywhere you have a cell phone signal or WiFi, but the goodness doesn’t end here.

It also taps into its parent company Twitter’s massive reach and exposure, which when done properly can generate a FLOOD of new traffic and leads your way and into your world.

Just as with any new tool, there are correct and profitable ways to use it and incorrect and wasteful ways to use it.

That’s when I choose to Identify & Align myself with people who are getting the results I am seeking in attaining to learn what to do that’s working and what to stay away from that is a waste of my time.

That’s EXACTLY what Cindy Battye has done by interviewing some TOP Periscope users such as Grant Cardone (NYT Best Selling Author), but she went a STEP FURTHER, and soon will be revealing a new software that she created which will eliminate the problem that people face with Periscope which is that the videos only remain online for 24 hours then are erased.

Cindy created a tool that will make your videos evergreen, plus ways to create automated traffic and a ninja content creation strategy.

The FREE video trainings are incredible, and her software is INCREDIBLE and will be a game changer for those who use it to generate more traffic and more pertinent content for their people.

Go check it out NOW at: WPScope by Cindy Battye

UPDATE: Cindy JUST posted her interview with Grant Cardone. It’s a MUST WATCH!  In this interview Grant reveals:

* How he now get 8,000 – 10,000 people on his scopes every time.
* The biggest problem facing businesses today.
* Why most periscopers suck at creating content and why.
* Why he loves getting ‘haters’
* Why you should start scoping right now.
* Why he doesn’t have to tell you how to find him online (crazy and powerful)
Click here or on the picture to watch it: Grant Cardone Interview
Grant Cardone Periscope Video

Grant Cardone shares how to succeed with live streaming video & Periscope.


My hope is that these 3 ideas and resources open your eyes and opportunities up to finish this year as your best year yet.

Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome!

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – The 3 Time Sensitive Resources You Need To GO Check Out NOW:

  1. 5 Dollar Posts by Ron Douglas (FB Advertising & List Building)
  2. RepWarn Reseller by Walt Bayliss (You Keep 100% of Your Sales)
  3. WPScope by Cindy Battye (Maximize & Repurpose Periscope Automatically)